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What does ALM offer?

ALM membership brings with it opportunities to:

  • Contribute to an international forum of researchers and practitioners in the field.
  • Share concerns, insights and research at ALM annual conferences, and to attend at a reduced rate.
  • Get links to webinar series with leading maths educators.
  • Receive ALM conference proceedings (free of charge to conference delegates). These proceedings constitute the most significant and authoritative collection of papers on adults learning mathematics available today.
  • Network, electronically and otherwise, with practitioners and researchers in the emerging field of adults learning mathematics.

Membership fees per year:

The following increased fees have been agreed by the Trustees / Organising Committee for 2011 – this is the first increase for many years.

Individual GBP 20 EUR 24 USD 32
Institution GBP 40 EUR 48 USD 64
Student/unwaged GBP 4 EUR 6 USD 7

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ALM is actively seeking to expand its membership worldwide. Membership is open to all individuals and institutions who subscribe to its aims.

To join ALM or renew your membership:

If you are paying by Pay Pal (our preferred option) Fill in the membership form . Then use the paypal links on the right hand side – either set up an automatic yearly payment or a one-off payment.
If you want to set up a standing order Fill in the membership form and email for the bank details you will require.

If you are renewing your membership fill in your name on the membership form and fill in any details which have changed since you last paid membership fees. Then follow instructions above for joining.

If you are renewing and need to pay for previous years either contact your representative or use the Paypal DONATE button.

For more information contact your regional ALM representative or the ALM membership secretary John Keogh at


Dr. Linda Galligan, University of Southern Queensland, Australia. E-mail Linda


Prof. Dr. Juergen Maasz, University of Linz, Austria. E-mail Juergen


Dr. Lena Lindenskov,  Danish School of Education, Aarhus University,  Copenhagen, Denmark. E-mail Lena


Dr. Kees Hoogland, HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht, The Netherlands. E-mail Kees


Phil Kane  University of Auckland, Waipu, New Zealand. Email Phil


Dr Terry Maguire, National Forum for the Enhancement of Teaching & Learning in Higher Education, Dublin 2, Ireland. Email Terry


Charlotte Arkenback-Sundstrom, Gothenburg University, Sweden Email Charlotte

Linda Jarlskog, VIS, Vuxenutbildning i Samverkan, Sweden Email Linda


Dr. Sonja Beeli, Pädagogische Hochschule Bern, Switzerland   Email Sonja


Dr. Diane Dalby, University of Nottingham, Nottingham, UK Email Diane


Download application form and send to Dr. Katherine Safford-Ramus, Saint Peter’s University, Kennedy Boulevard, Jersey City, NJ 07306, USA. Email Kathy

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