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ALM wishes all of our members the best of health and look forward to the next time we can all gather to share our research and teaching experiences about Adults Learning Mathematics. Looking forward to being able to host an ALM conference in 2021


ALM 2020 Virtual Seminar Series


ALM is planning to run a series of virtual seminars and events over the coming year. Watch the video below for more information.

Virtual seminar 3

The third virtual seminar The Use of Statistics: what can a numerate citizen learn from the Covid-19 pandemic? took place on Thursday 19th November at 20.00  Coordinated Universal Time (UTC)

Name of speaker: Professor Emeritus Jeff Evans
Bio of speaker: Jeff Evans is Professor Emeritus of Adults’ Mathematical Learning at Middlesex University, London. He is active as a researcher in adult mathematics education, and in ALM as a Trustee and a member of the ALM International Journal Editorial Team. A founding member of Radical Statistics, he is co-editor of Data in Society (Bristol University Press, 2019).
Abstract/session descriptionThe Covid-19 pandemic has made unprecedented demands on ordinary citizens, as well as on teachers and researchers, to improve their understanding of what is going on, and therefore to strengthen their data literacy, or numeracy. Many questions occur to us.
•                   What is happening with Covid-19 in my country now?
•                   How is it changing, and how fast?
•                   How does this country compare with other countries?
•                   What can we learn from the data so far, e.g. about explanations?
During the talk we will use one of the available sources of data to begin to answer our questions and will also consider some of the pitfalls in following developments with Covid-19. We will also offer some pointers for understanding data (characteristics, sources, …) across many fields.


Virtual seminar 2

The second virtual seminar Numerate environments in a changing world took place on 29th October 2020

For more information on the event, click here.
Name of speaker: Dr. Keiko Yasukawa
Bio of speaker: Keiko Yasukawa is a lecturer and researcher in adult literacy and numeracy education at the University of technology Sydney in Australia. Her research focuses on the nexus between policy, practice and pedagogy. Her recent publications includes the book co-edited with Alan Rogers, Kara Jackson and Brian Street Numeracy as social practice: global and local perspectives published by Routledge.
Abstract/session description:  How are adults’ demands and opportunities to learn and develop numeracy being transformed through some of the profound changes facing people around the world? In this presentation, I consider climate change and precarious employment as two examples of changes affecting people in a range of different contexts, and examine what these contexts afford for numeracy learning and development. To provide a lens for this study I draw on the construct of the numerate environment that Jeff Evans, David Mallows and I have been developing over the last few years. While popular discourses  use results of large-scale assessments to legitimate deficit narratives about individual’s numeracy abilities, the numerate environment shifts the gaze from the individual to their environment. In doing so, we can gain a more nuanced understanding of the kinds of numeracy practices that are demanded of individuals to negotiate life in this environment, and what opportunities and supports are available for learning and development and how these are distributed in the environment.


Virtual seminar 1

The first virtual event “Adults Learning Maths in the lockdown”  was organised to coincide with Maths Week Ireland 2020.

The panel included:

The discussion took place on the 15th October 2020.

For more information on the event, click here.


Welcome to New ALM Trustees

We are delighted to  welcome  Lisanne  Hellmann and Kees Hoogland on to the board of trustees for ALM.
Lisanne is a researcher and the main contact for the Hamburg Numeracy Projekt, involving six different sub-projects into mathematics. Read more about the Hamburg  Numeracy Projekt in Dutch and English.
Kees Hoogland is Professor of Mathematical and Analytical Competences of Professionals at the University of Applied Science in Utrecht. Read more about Kees here.

Welcome to ALM!

We are delighted you are interested in our work. We are an international forum for research into Adults Learning Mathematics at all levels. Founded in 1992, our membership now extends across Europe, the Americas, and Australasia, and includes the leading figures in mathematics education research, policy and practice, many numeracy practitioners, and postgraduate researchers.Our annual conferences offer those working with adults learning mathematics unique opportunities to present practical experiences, new thinking and research within a supportive and friendly environment. The conferences also offer opportunities to develop your professional network in this special interest group. Conference proceedings are published annually, along with an International Journal of peer reviewed papers.

We invite you to browse our list of on-line publications and consider joining us at our next conference to share your ideas with others working in this field. Do also consider becoming a member of ALM and access our bulletin to keep up to date with news of ALM events and publications that are relevant to this international Adults Learning Mathematics research community.

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