ALM30 Conference July 2023

Welcome to the 30th Adults Learning Mathematics conference which will be hosted by colleagues at the University of Limerick, Ireland.

The conference will be held from 3th – 5th July 2023 at the University of Limerick.

Adults Learning Mathematics
ALM is an international research forum bringing together researchers and practitioners

Welcome to ALM

Chairs intro – September 2022

Welcome to the Adults Learning Mathematics (ALM), an international forum promoting a greater understanding between practice and research into mathematics education for adults.  Next year ALM is celebrating it’s 30th year into the exploration of adults’ ability to learn and utilise mathematical information through their lived experiences, responding to economic, social, technological, and environmental changes.

This ALM website hosts a range of resources, including Youtube videos of virtual seminars, articles in peer reviewed ALM journal as well as information on contributions made to past and future conferences.

The ALM conference offers those working with adults learning mathematics unique opportunities to present practical experiences, new thinking and research within a supportive and friendly environment. They also offer opportunities to develop your professional network in this special interest group. However, like everyone else ALM the organisation is also responding to change.

We are proposing that in 2023, we consider having a two-year cycle for conferences: a face-to-face conference one year and in the alternative year focus on on-line events. This will enable the wider ALM community to share virtually through various forms including seminars, discussion groups, topic groups and offer more shared events with sister organisations and networks across the world.

We wish to consult with all the membership about this idea so if you have ideas or thoughts on the proposal, please write to me at chair{at}

Beth Kelly
Chair, ALM

ALM Virtual Seminar Series

Previous Virtual Seminar presentations can be found at our YouTube Channel !!

Coming up: ALM30 Conference

The conference will be hosted by colleagues at the University of Limerick, Ireland and will be held from 3rd – 5th July 2023. 

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