Webinar 1 – May 23rd

Literacy + Mathematics + Language = Numeracy. Does the Equation Work?

Webinar 1 2013: was presented by leading Mathematics Educator, Dave Tout, Australia
Date: Thursday 23rd May 2013 Time: 12-1pm IST/BST

This presentation looked at some important issues related to the teaching and learning of (adult) numeracy. What is numeracy? How does it relate to literacy? What is its relationship to Mathematics? Does it connect to Language? If so, how? What are some of the key variables behind this equation and how do they impact on teaching numeracy successfully? The recording of the webinar is available here http://ittdublin.adobeconnect.com/p4yp0u1i3k7/

Dave ToutDave Tout is a leading adults maths educator.  He has over 30 years experience working in the youth and adult numeracy and mathematics education sectors. He has had wide experience not only in teaching and training, but also in working at a state, national and international level in research, curriculum, assessment and materials development. In Australia he is particularly renowned for his hands on workshops, which not only make maths fun, but also demonstrate how a range of maths issues and topics can be addressed. Dave joined ACER in 2008, where he is a Senior Research Fellow, and has worked on national and international assessment projects including PISA.

Download the presentation here.


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