Webinar 6 – May 22nd

Webinar 6

Researching ALM – which methodological approach fits your research question?

Prof. Armin Hollenstein

Universität Bern, Institut für Erziehungswissenschaft, Abteilung Pädagogische Psychologie

Date: May 22nd

Time: 10:00 am (GMT)

Identifying an adequate methodology is a key step in any research process. Methodological approaches have unique characteristics which are more or less suited to answer specific research questions. This webinar is targeted at anyone standing at the beginning of a research project and thinking about what method is best suited to answer his/her research question. Learn more about specific characteristics of both quantitative and qualitative methods and the contexts in which their advantages are most useful. In this webinar a short input on different methodologies and research designs is given, afterwards specific projects will be discussed. If you have a project or an idea for a project that you would like to discuss in this webinar, please get in touch with us so we can organize the details (armin.hollenstein@edu.unibe.ch andsonja.beeli@edu.unibe.ch).

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