ALM31 Conference 1-2 July 2024

ALM 31 will be held in a new hybrid format which will make it
accessible online to members in different time zones.
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Welcome to ALM

Chairs intro – July 2023

Welcome to Adults Learning Mathematics (ALM), an international forum for teachers and researchers of mathematics education for adults. ALM has thrived as an international organisation for almost 30 years since a small group of educators with a common interest in mathematics education for adults came together to share knowledge and establish a forum for ongoing collaboration. Since those early beginnings, ALM has expanded to become a truly international organisation where conversations regularly take place between researchers and practitioners from across the world, about adults learning mathematics in many different situations.

If you want to know more about teaching mathematics to adults or are keen to explore published research about adults learning mathematics, you can browse through issues of our own peer reviewed ALM International Journal. For recent news about research and practice, including material yet to be published, you can view videos of our recent online seminars on YouTube or read about presentations from our recent ALM conferences. There is more information too about the aims of ALM and the current trustees on this website. Whatever your interest in adults learning mathematics, you can be assured of a warm welcome in the ALM community.

To keep in touch, I would encourage you to sign up for our free bimonthly bulletin. You are also very welcome to become a member of ALM for a modest annual fee which will be used to support ALM’s work.

Diane Dalby
Chair, ALM

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