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ALM Bulletin: September 2023

Welcome to our ALM September bulletin. For many people involved in education, September marks the start of another academic year and is therefore a time for new experiences and opportunities. Thanks to our new bulletin editors, Linda and Lena, in this issue we are offering some great opportunities for ALM members and other readers to get involved, as well as important information about the AGM.

We are looking forward to a new virtual seminar series this autumn where we can meet online and hope you will be joining us. However, this is not the only opportunity to be involved in the work of ALM. The ALM journal editorial team would like to encourage you to get writing in the next few months and if a journal paper is not the right thing for you at present, perhaps you have some interesting news about developments in your part of the world that we could include in the bulletin. If you could contribute in either of these ways, please do read the relevant sections of the bulletin and get in touch.

After our very successful ALM 30 conference in Limerick, the trustees have been discussing various options for ALM 31. We have included a short section in this bulletin but will keep you informed as plans develop. There is also an update on ICME 15, which promises to be another great place for ALM members to engage in discussion and share their work.

We hope that you will enjoy reading the bulletin and taking up some of the opportunities offered.

Best wishes to you all,

Diane Dalby
Chair of ALM trustees

ALM Trustees

At the ALM Annual General Meeting, held in July in Limerick, ten ALM trustees were elected for 2023/24. ALM still needs a new treasurer, which is an issue that we hope to resolve soon. All the trustees for 2023/24 except Judy Larsen were active ALM trustees during the last year, during which Judy had a one-year break due to parental leave. We are delighted that Judy has rejoined the trustees.

You can find more about all our trustees on the ALM website

Diane Dalby (UK) – Chair and Acting Treasurer (temporary)
Charlotte Arkenback (Sweden) – Virtual Seminar Group
Catherine Byrne (Irland) – Secretary & Virtual Seminar Group
Javier Diez-Palomar (Spain) – International Journal
Judy Larsen (Canada) – Virtual Seminar Group
Lynda Ginsburg (USA) – International Journal and ANN contact
Lisanne Heilman (Germany) – Membership Secretary
Linda Jarlskog (Sweden) – Webmaster, ALM bulletin and Virtual Seminar Group
David Kaye (UK)
Lena Lindenskov (Denmark) – ALM bulletin and Virtual Seminar group

ALM AGM 2023

For those who were unable to join us at the AGM on July 4th in Limerick, here is a summary of the main points.

In the meeting the minutes of the previous AGM in 2022 were approved and we considered officers’ reports and accounts. It was agreed that a small increase to membership fees for 2024 would be appropriate, so individual membership will become £25, corporate membership £50, and the student rate £5 from January 2024.

ALM looks back and forward:

Officers and trustees for 2023/24 were elected (listed in the previous section). Beth Kelly stepped down and Diane Dalby was welcomed as our new Chair. The meeting expressed its thanks to Beth for all her work over the last few years. During this time our online presence has grown through the virtual seminars that Beth initiated, and she has helped ALM develop new links with other organizations and establish a new topic group about Maths in Prison. The importance of developments in the website were noted and the ALM journal, which is now indexed by Scopus, ERIC, EBSCO and Google Scholar.

Many thanks to Kees Hoogland and Beth Kelly

ALM trustees and our newly elected Chair, Diane Dalby, would like to add a special thanks to Beth Kelly for her four years as Chair of ALM, which included leading us so successfully through the challenging Covid-19 years. We would also like to thank Kees Hoogland, who has been active as a trustee for many years and has made a major contribution to the organisation - the ALM website being just one of his roles. Both Beth and Kees have been instrumental in the development of ALM, both in disseminating current research and in developing digital methods to make ALM more visible as an organisation. We will miss them as trustees but wish them all the best for the future.

ALM virtual seminar series 2023/24

ALM is pleased to announce that, following the success of the Virtual Seminar Series in 2020/21, 2021/22 and 2022/23, we will continue with a series in 2023/24. As soon as the ALM Virtual Seminar Organising Committee has planned the next webinar, you will find the details and how to register here.

For the moment, you can watch previous webinars on our YouTube channel.

ALM International Journal

The ALM-IJ editorial team are very keen to receive new papers from researchers and teachers that are relevant to the focus of ALM. You can find further information at The latest issue of the journal is currently being finalized so this is an ideal time to start writing for the next edition.
The ALM-IJ editorial team are very keen to receive new papers from researchers and teachers that are relevant to the focus of ALM. You can find further information at The latest issue of the journal is currently being finalized so this is an ideal time to start writing for the next edition.


The ALM trustees are currently considering an online/hybrid model for our next conference, involving coordinated clusters of participants in three or four different continents or time zones. This should allow everyone to access the conference online at a convenient time of day with a group of other participants but with a common theme and similar programme. Links between clusters and ongoing discussion on a virtual canvas are other features being considered. Our aim is to give ALM members an accessible and stimulating conference opportunity but avoid a clash with the ICME conference (see below) so we are considering dates in early July. Further information will be available soon so please watch the ALM website for updates.


The 15th International Congress on Mathematics Education (ICME-15) will be held from 7-14th July 2024 in Sydney, Australia. This is the first time in 8 years that this international mathematics education community has been able to come together in person. See:

The most relevant Topic Study Group for ALM members is TSG 5.7: Mathematics education in and for work; lifelong mathematics education including adult education. This Topic Study Group (TSG 5.7) aims to bring together researchers, practitioners, and policymakers to explore two interrelated themes: mathematics in and for work, and lifelong mathematics teaching and learning. This incorporates mathematics and adult numeracy education that take place in formal education settings such as colleges, polytechnics, or adult basic schools; semi-formal settings such as vocational education and training organized by, for example, employers or by community-based providers, to meet personal and social needs; and informal settings that may be part of the daily activities of adults in and outside work.

Discussion will be upon how demands of work and society are changing as we move further into the 21st century. How are we dealing with this issue in adult and workplace education, and in schools' preparation of their learners for participating as youth and adults in the world outside school classrooms? What research agenda on these themes do we need for the future?

The call for papers is out now and closes on 15th September. See: TSG 5.7: Mathematics education in and for work; lifelong mathematics education including adult education - ICME-15 (

Future bulletins

We hope that you are enjoying the regular ALM bulletin. If you have news from your part of the world that may be of interest to our international community then please do get in touch with Linda Jarlskog by or send her a short draft item for the next bulletin by November 1st 2023.

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