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ALM is an international research forum bringing together researchers and practitioners in adult mathematics/numeracy teaching and learning in order to promote the learning of mathematics by adults.
ALM is planning to run a series of virtual seminars and events over the coming year.
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ALM Virtual Seminar 15th April 2024

Dyscalculia Uncovered: The Big Questions

Speaker: Rob Jennings

Time: Online (19:00 UK time)

Click here to register. Last date for registration is 14th April 2024.

You are invited to join us for the second ALM Virtual Seminar in 2024 on Dyscalculia - The Big Questions at 19.00 London time.

About Rob's presentation
Dyscalculia, a specific learning difficulty affecting mathematical abilities, remains a critical concern in adult maths education. This virtual seminar, led by Rob Jennings of The Dyscalculia Network, will delve into the complexities of Dyscalculia, shedding light on its definition, prevalence, and effective intervention strategies, including the crucial role of maths games in fostering understanding and engagement. Identifying indicators of Dyscalculia and discussing the "Jenga effect" on mathematical learning, the seminar underscores the challenges students face and the necessity of creating a secure foundation in maths education. Join us to learn more about Dyscalculia, related findings, and to discuss these findings with colleagues from ALM.
About Rob Jennings
Rob Jennings, co-founder of The Dyscalculia Network (, brings over 15 years of extensive experience in teaching young people with special needs, particularly focusing on supporting children struggling with Maths. As Head of Maths at Emerson House LLP and Head of Learning Support at Westminster Abbey Choir School, Rob collaborated with educators and parents to design personalized intervention plans for pupils. He is a Certified Educational Assessor and a member of The British Psychological Society, showcasing his expertise in understanding and addressing learning difficulties. In December 2023, Rob was voted onto the Crested Council ( to represent issues about Dyscalculia and Maths Difficulties throughout specialist schools in this country. Rob’s upcoming publication with Jessica Kingsley, The Maths and Dyscalculia Assessment, further establishes his commitment to improving educational outcomes for students with Dyscalculia and maths difficulties.

Previous Virtual Seminar presentations can be found at our YouTube Channel !!

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