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ALM is an international research forum bringing together researchers and practitioners in adult mathematics/numeracy teaching and learning in order to promote the learning of mathematics by adults.
ALM is planning to run a series of virtual seminars and events over the coming year.

ALM Virtual Seminar 10th January 2022

The first virtual seminar of the 2021-2022 series “How to encourage citizenship for democracy through mathematics" will take place on Monday 10th January at 19h00 (UTC).

Speaker: Lena Lidenskov (Denmark)

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Abstract/session description:
Lena will talk on how to encourage citizenship for democracy through mathematics/numeracy courses for adults, exploring how mathematics can strengthen adults’ participation in formal and informal democracy.
Lena’s topic focuses on how teachers might strengthen adults’ participation in formal and informal democracy. She will explore the notion of democracy and its links to adults mathematics education, giving examples but also posing questions about how mathematics/numeracy teachers can develop democratic approaches in their teaching planning.

Lena Lidenskov (Denmark)
Lena Lindenskov is an Associate Professor in the Department of Educational Theory and Curriculum Studies, Danish School of Education, Aarhus University.
Her research focusses on children’s, adolescents’ and adults’ interest and difficulties in learning mathematics, and on mathematical/numeracy competence related to democracy. She has been involved in a number of European Union projects and conferences focusing on adults learning mathematics In addition, she participated 1999-2004 in developing the Danish national curriculum and teacher training for Preparatory Adult Education in mathematics, with Tine Wedege and Bjarne Sonberg. She has contributed to the Danish mathematics team in PISA 1999-2019.

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