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ALM bulletin: January 2022

Wishing a Happy and Healthy 2022 to all ALM members, supporters, trustees and friends.

Last year ALM went seriously virtual, with our largest ever Virtual Seminar Series, now available through the website on our ALM YouTube Channel, and the online ALM 28 conference expertly hosted by the University of Hamburg. These events gave many more people a chance to share in the thinking, research and expertise of the world of Adults Learning Mathematics and has enabled ALM to increase its membership and its sphere of influence.

At this point in time I would also like to thank all of the ALM Trustees for their creativity, enthusiasm and tireless energy which has enabled ALM to grow and develop through these interesting times!

During this coming year we will continue to use this bulletin to signpost upcoming events and share knowledge about the ALM International Journal, ALM 2022 Virtual Seminars and planning for our face-to-face ALM 29 Conference in Barcelona.

Hope to see you soon!

Beth Kelly
Chair of ALM trustees

First ALM Virtual Seminar of the 2022 Series- How to encourage citizenship for democracy through mathematics by Lena Lindenskov (Denmark)

Our highly successful ALM virtual seminar series recommences this month with a seminar by Lena Lindenskov, who is one of our new trustees, on Monday January 10th 2022 at 19h00 (UTC). Lena is an Associate Professor in the Department of Educational Theory and Curriculum Studies, Danish School of Education, Aarhus University. Lena will be talking about how to encourage citizenship for democracy through mathematics/numeracy courses for adults, exploring how mathematics can strengthen adults’ participation in formal and informal democracy.

You can find further details about the seminar and register for this event on the ALM at Details of further seminars for 2022 will be announced on the ALM website as soon as these have been confirmed.

ALM29 Barcelona

Our next conference, ALM 29 will be held from July 10th – 13th, 2022 in the city of Barcelona with the central theme of Numeracy and Social Impact. The conference committee would welcome proposed abstracts by March 31st, 2022 for any of the following types of sessions:
– Research Report (400-800 words) Long presentation (45 Min)
– Experience Report (400-800 words) Short presentation (20-30 Min)
– Workshop (400-800 words) (90 Min)
– Poster presentation (200-500 words)

Notification of acceptance of proposals will be sent by May 15th. For more detailed information about submitting a proposal please see the document Guidelines on ALM29 Session Proposal Submission on the ALM conference website at If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Organising Committee at

Registration for the conference will start in mid-January 2022.

Book reviews

We now have a dedicated space on the ALM website for reviews of books that are relevant to ALM and would be of interest to ALM members. We published the first of these last year and would welcome further contributions from ALM members. If you have read a recently-published book that you think would be of interest to other ALM members please do consider writing a review and submitting this for consideration. Book reviews should be sent to the ALMIJ editorial team at with full details of the book (title, author, publisher, ISBN) and marked clearly as a book review (rather than a journal article). You will be able to find further guidance about submitting a book review very soon on the ALM website, so please get reading and reviewing!

ALM International Journal

The latest issue of the ALM Journal, Adults Learning Mathematics, has been uploaded to the ALM website. This issue, Volume 15(1), includes four articles—three research articles and the Journal’s first published Article of Practice. The topics of the articles represent the varied experiences and populations of adult numeracy education: paramedicine education, the perspectives of immigrant learners and of vocational education learners, as well as a teacher’s decision-making process in transitioning to a digital classroom environment. You can find all these articles in the latest issue at

ALM Connections - Australian Correlation Education Association

The Australian Correctional Education Association (ACEA) conference held their first international virtual conference “Innovation in Interesting Times” from November 16th -17th 2021. This featured a range of speakers from across the world including Australia, New Zealand, and Europe.

The participants included corrections education practitioners, management, policymakers, support staff, allied services staff and those with lived experience.

Tatiana Harrison and Catherine Byrne (ALM members) appreciated the opportunity to make a presentation on the ALM Maths in Prison Topic Group. A copy of their seminar will be available soon on the ALM YouTube channel. This was a great forum in which to share knowledge and experiences of Maths education in this context.

The conference provided a wonderful opportunity to contribute to a showcase of innovative practises in correctional education in Australia and elsewhere. This included innovation in learner supports and mechanisms, with the potential for enhancing education provision in prisons and correctional education settings. ALM looks forward to linking again with the ACEA in the future.


CERME13 is the 13th congress of the European Society for Research in Mathematics Education. The conference was planned to take place as a live event at Bolzano, Italy in February 2022 but has now been reorganised as a virtual conference. Although it is too late to register, bulletin readers may be interested in attending the next event in the ALM 2022 Series, Takeaways from CERME on Saturday February 5th, 2022 16h00 (UTC), when members of ALM will be giving short extracts of the reports discussed and future plans.

ALM Membership

The work of ALM relies heavily on the commitment and energy of our members. We would be grateful if members would try to renew their membership early in the New Year 2022. Readers of the bulletin who are not yet members are encouraged to consider joining our international community and by so doing adding their support for the aims and associated work of ALM. The link for renewal or new membership is

Future bulletins

We hope that you are enjoying the regular ALM bulletin. If you have news from your part of the world that may be of interest to our international community then please do get in touch with Diane Dalby or send her a short draft item for the next bulletin by March 1st 2022.

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