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ALM is an international research forum bringing together researchers and practitioners in adult mathematics/numeracy teaching and learning in order to promote the learning of mathematics by adults.
ALM is planning to run a series of virtual seminars and events over the coming year.

ALM Virtual Seminar 25th April 2022

The fourth virtual seminar

Secondary Teachers’ Perspectives on Mathematics Teaching for Newly Arrived Students in German Schools.

will take place on Monday 25th April 2022 at 19h00 (UTC) equals 8PM (UK) equals 21h00 (CET).

Speakers: Gabriele Kaiser & Maike Lüssenhop (University of Hamburg)

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Gabriele Kaiser
Abstract: The increase in international migration and the global number of students learning mathematics through a language other than their home language makes immigrants’ educational pathways a particularly urgent issue. The presentation will focus on the German context and is based on qualitative interviews with mathematics teachers teaching immigrant classes. The central phenomenon that preoccupied all teachers was how to adapt mathematics teaching to the language- and mathematics-related diversity of their students while simultaneously helping students to meet the educational expectations the curricula or/and final examinations. Due to the lack of institutional support for the teaching in immigrant classes and lack of awareness in dealing with multilingualism and mathematics-related diversity in mathematics lessons, they were generally frustrated with the situation. Overall, the study points to the necessity of examining current practices of schooling immigrant children to contribute to more inclusive mathematics education.

Bio: Gabriele Kaiser holds a master’s degree as a teacher for mathematics and humanities for lower and upper secondary level. She completed her doctorate in mathematics education in 1986 with a study on applications and modelling. Since 1998, she is full professor for mathematics education at the Faculty of Education of the University of Hamburg. Her areas of research are empirical studies on teacher education and teachers’ professionalism, modelling and applications in school, international comparative studies, gender and cultural aspects in mathematics education. She was convenor of the 13th International Congress on Mathematical Education in 2016. Since 2005 she is editor-in-chief of the high-ranking journal ZDM –Mathematics Education. In addition, she is editing several book series at national and international level. From 2017 to 2021 she was a professorial fellow at the Institute for Leaning Sciences and Teacher Education at the Australian Catholic University in Brisbane (Australien). Currently, she holds an additional 0.2 professorship at Nord University in Bodø (Norway).

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