The ALM bulletin is a bimonthly newsletter from Adults Learning Mathematics (ALM).
ALM is an international research forum bringing together researchers and practitioners in adult mathematics/numeracy teaching and learning in order to promote the learning of mathematics by adults.

ALM in 2018

In 2018 we celebrate the 25th anniversary of ALM. The landscape of adults learning mathematics and numeracy has changed enormously over the years, though of course the numeracy itself is still recognisable from 2000 years ago. I would suggest the most significant change (like most organisations) has been the technological changes that have made communication with members so different. We have begun a major revision of how we produce and distribute our publications, and will be considering our communication and information processes alongside that. It is to be welcomed that we have such an enthusiastic and committed group of Trustees driving this forward and I give my thanks to all of them for their time.
I have been part of the organisation for some time, and it has always been important to me to protect some key characteristics of the organisation, as new technologies are introduced. As we now approach our 25th anniversary I see it as important that we put in place structures that will be the foundations for the next 25 years. I hope you feel that is worth doing and perhaps during 2018 you will do a little more to make it happen.
David Kaye, Chair ALM

ALM25: looking forward

The 25th Adults Learning Mathematics – conference will have the following theme:
Boundaries and Bridges: adults learning mathematics in a fractured world
Place: London, UK
Date: 9th – 12th July, 2018
Host: the Institute of Education at University College London, United Kingdom
The organizing committee is excited to announce the following plenary speakers:
· Professor Chris Budd, University of Bath and Gresham College. See the latest series of lectures here
· Dr. Gail FitzSimons, Editorial Board, Adults Learning Mathematics – An International Journal
· Professor Candia Morgan, UCL Institute of Education
· David Walker, Journalist, Chair, governing board Understanding Society
Further details and the first Call for submissions will follow in January 2018.
Conference organisation committee: Diane Dalby, Jeff Evans, Graham Griffiths, Linda Jarlskog (ALM26 observer), David Kaye, Beth Kelly (Committee chair), Joan O’Hagan, Helen Oughton, and Jenny Stacey.
To contact the team with ideas and for queries about the conference, email:
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Membership Fee

‘twas Chrismas time in education house,
And all around us not a student was learning, not even a mouse.
But on the horizon rose a shining star, bearing a message, but not from afar
It told of a new year, a new place without fear
It was ALM calling “ it's in London next year”
So how can I get there, oh let me see..
A good start would be to pay your membership fee.

Just a seasonal reminder that your membership fee is due shortly after Christmas. Why not pay it as a stocking filler for yourself or a friend.
Ho! Ho! Ho!
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Across Time Zones

Beth Kelly is our UK-based ALM Secretary and has sent us these numeracy notes on time zones.
“I have so far visited Singapore, Australia and I am now in New Zealand. One of the hardest parts of travelling is doing the date and time calculations. In Australia the time changed when I moved from North Queensland to Sydney ( one hour day light savings). So 6 pm in Sydney is 7 am in the UK and Ireland. Australia itself is so big it crosses 3 time zones, so 6 pm in Sydney is 4 pm in Perth, Western Australia.
Things got easier when I moved to New Zealand as they have only one time Zone and are 13 hours ahead. However I lost the plot when crossing the date line when arriving at the Cook Islands I just started the previous day all over again!!”

Adult Numeracy Network (ANN)

ANN is a sister organisation in the USA. ANN is a community dedicated to quality mathematics instruction at the adult level. The members support each other, encourage collaboration and leadership, and influence policy and practice in adult math instruction.
Both their newsletter The Math Practitioner and their resources are worthwhile studying. ==> read more

Adult Mathematics Education at CERME11 (Feb. 2019, The Netherlands)

The 11th conference on European Research in Mathematics Education will be held 5 - 11 February 2019 in Utrecht, The Netherlands. In this conference thematic working group TWG07 is scheduled on Adult Mathematics Education, which gives researcher on adults learning mathematics the opportunity to present their research and exchange ideas and good practices from all around the world. ==> read more


The second cycle of PIAAC is starting up, again with an extensive survey of the literacy, numeracy and problem solving skills of adults aged 16 to 65. In Singapore in November 2017 the yearly conference was held with an update of spin-off and longitudinal studies around the last PIAAC data. The importance and relevance of numeracy for adults was addressed in several contributions. For instance, in a presentation of professor Sara de la Rica was shown that in numeracy there still is a gender gap and that this gap is the variable that contributes most to explaining the gender wage gap. More outcomes of the conference can be found at the PIAAC-conference website ==> read more

Join ALM

The ALM network is alive and active as never before with delegations at ICME13, BCME9, and CERME11. We invite you to join us in ALM to be part of these activities. See the website to join directly or contact your regional representative. ==> read more
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