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ALM Virtual Seminar 19 November 2020 Announcement

The third virtual seminar “The Use of Statistics: what can a numerate citizen learn from the Covid-19 pandemic?

will take place on Thursday 19 November at 20.00 Coordinated Universal Time (UTC)
Name of speaker: Professor Emeritus Jeff Evans

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Bio of speaker: Jeff Evans is Professor Emeritus of Adults’ Mathematical Learning at Middlesex University, London. He is active as a researcher in adult mathematics education, and in ALM as a Trustee and a member of the ALM International Journal Editorial Team. A founding member of Radical Statistics, he is co-editor of Data in Society (Bristol University Press, 2019).Title of session: The Use of Statistics: what can a numerate citizen learn from the Covid-19 pandemic?
Abstract/session description: The Covid-19 pandemic has made unprecedented demands on ordinary citizens, as well as on teachers and researchers, to improve their understanding of what is going on, and therefore to strengthen their data literacy, or numeracy. Many questions occur to us.

• What is happening with Covid-19 in my country now?
• How is it changing, and how fast?
• How does this country compare with other countries?
• What can we learn from the data so far, e.g. about explanations?

During the talk we will use one of the available sources of data to begin to answer our questions and will also consider some of the pitfalls in following developments with Covid-19. We will also offer some pointers for understanding data (characteristics, sources, …) across many fields.

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