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ALM special bulletin: February 2021

This additional bulletin arises from the announcement of a special ALM journal that will be of interest to anyone working in research or practice related to online mathematics teaching involving adults. Further details are given below. Please feel free to forward these to any of your own contacts who may wish to contribute.

ALM International Journal

Title: Teaching and learning mathematics online for adults


In the wake of the devastation of the global pandemic of Covid-19, teachers and researchers have been challenged to engage with learners of mathematics using ICT tools and methodologies. The aim of this special issue is to collect research and practices that focuses on adult learning in mathematics in online spaces. We will provide a platform for sharing and discussing successful practices of adults engaging with formal, and informal mathematics in a number of different contexts (taking adult mathematics courses, supporting children at home, etc.). While many teachers have already been using online platforms, for many the pandemic has changed significantly the habits of learners and teachers in the communities. Introducing digital solutions has been used as a quick strategy to overcome the challenges posed by the pandemic to everyone. Using ICT creates important challenges and opportunities for teaching mathematics to adult learners.
The main objective of the special issue is to offer a platform for the teachers around the world to share their experiences to improve adult numeracy and pedagogies. We encourage researchers and practitioners to share how they face those challenges, providing scientific evidence that may help us to improve how can we use ICT in ALM contexts. We also particularly welcome submissions from the learner perspective, since we consider this voice as a crucial addition to the narrative in these digital times.

  • Digital literacies expertise/needs of adult mathematics online learners
  • Numeracy and ICT
  • Family engagement using ICT
  • Critical thinking and reading information (Internet)
  • Engagement Online of the adult students
  • Good practices / successful actions…
  • Comparison of Online learning versus face-to-face
  • Efficient communication of mathematics online
  • Professional development in this field (lesson design, etc.)
  • Technologies enhancing online learning and mathematics
  • Challenges of online learning of mathematics for adult learners

  • Online learning
  • Adults mathematics learning
  • Critical thinking
  • Family engagement
  • Learner engagement
  • Technologies
  • Digital literacies
  • Professional development
  • Resources
  • Practices


30 March 2021: Abstract and feedback within a month
30 September 2021: Full article
October-November: Editing process
Published, December 2021

Manuscript Submission Information

All manuscripts need to follow the ALMIJ submission guidelines that can be found at:
It is also mandatory to use the ALMIJ template for authors:

Guest Editors Linda GalliganAffiliation: University of Southern Queensland, AustraliaE-mail: Javier Díez-Palomar Affiliation: Department of Mathematics Education, University of BarcelonaE-mail: Website:

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