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ALM bulletin: September 2021

ALM is looking forward to even more developments this year. Building on successful initiatives in 2020/21, including the virtual seminars series and the Hamburg Conference, we plan to continue developing our digital presence. This will include some behind the scenes housekeeping and an update of the website. ALM is also interested in making contact with individuals and sister organisations working with adults learning mathematics to share ideas and engage in discussions. If you are interested in making contact please email me at

Digital developments, building networks and editing and publishing articles do however all make demands on peoples’ time and expertise, as you all know, so I once again give a big thank you to all of the Trustees for their hard work, time and dedication to the organisation. They are a dynamic group of people with whom I am privileged to work. So, in no particular order, thanks to Charlotte, Catherine, Kees, Linda, Lynda, Diane, David, Lisanne and Judy. Thanks also to John and Jeff for their past contributions and welcome to Lena and Javier, with whom who I look forward to working in the year ahead. You can read more about Lisanne and Javier in this bulletin but for information on all of the 2021-22 trustees please visit

Beth Kelly
Chair of ALM trustees

Annual General Meeting

The ALM annual general meeting was again held virtually. All the reports presented at the meeting are available on the ALM website at For members who were not able to attend, please note that an important amendment to the articles of the organisation was agreed, which allows trustees to serve for a longer period of time.

At the AGM we sadly said goodbye to two long-serving trustees, John Keogh and Jeff Evans. Both have contributed greatly to the work of ALM for many years and we are very grateful for all they have done. We also welcomed two new trustees, Lena Lindenskov and Javier Diez Palomar, who introduce themselves in the section below.

Welcome to our new trustees

Details of the professional expertise and interests of our two new trustees are on the website but here are some personal introductions.

Lena writes:

I am a Danish mathematics educator. Already when a youngster, I was wondering about how people cope with mathematics. I have not stopped wondering. I still find it fascinating to look into the many facets of individual lives and societies where mathematics and numeracy play important, relevant, humorous and disturbing roles. At present I wonder how democracy and mathematics education may relate to each other, and what democratic classrooms for adults might look like.
I study teachers in vocational education and in subjects using mathematics as tools, wondering what kind of knowledge of teaching with mathematics do the teachers wish to exchange and develop? I am 68 years old, working full-time at Aarhus University in Copenhagen, Danish School of Education. I live in an apartment in Copenhagen with my husband, with the families of our two daughters living at the same street. In my free time I visit our small garden, 1½ km from our apartment, enjoy being with friends, travelling and keeping up with our four grandchildren.

Javier writes:

I have been engaged as volunteer with adult education over twenty years now. I really like participating in dialogic mathematics gatherings. I also enjoy reading mathematics ‘masterpieces’ with adults with low levels of education because I learn so much from these discussions. On a more personal note, I am very enthusiastic about cycling and cycle with my club every Saturday, in good company, visiting lots of places in the countryside.

Next ALM conference

After the success of our ALM28 online conference we are already looking forward to ALM29. This conference is being planned as a face-to-face event for July 10-13th 2022 and will take place in the beautiful city of Barcelona, Spain, hosted by colleagues at the University of Barcelona. Please reserve the dates now in your diary!

The theme of the conference will be about social impact. In a world changed by the pandemic, numeracy has emerged as a key competence necessary to read and understand the information around us and make decisions. As adults, we already have to face the challenges of a world where numeracy is increasingly crucial in our lives. Researchers at ALM are continually working to update what numeracy means in response to present and future challenges. We need spaces for dialogue and co-creation of knowledge, where researchers and practitioners participate together and draw on scientific evidence concerning social impact. Research with social impact means, according to the EU, a type of research that improves people's lives due to its contributions. In ALM29 we will have a valuable opportunity for an open space involving researchers and practitioners working together to discuss social impact in the context of adults learning mathematics.

Further details about ALM29 will be added to the website as they are confirmed.
ersity of Hamburg)
  1. The international reproduction of vulnerability in numeracy assessments by Gelsa Knijnik (Universidade d

    ALM keynote addresses

    For those who missed part or all of ALM28, or anyone who would like to listen again, you can still watch all the keynote addresses at our YouTube Channel:
  2. Vulnerability in Adult Life – and how it affects Numeracy Practices by Prof. Dr. Anke
Grotlüschen (Univ
  1. o Vale do Rio dos Sinos)
  2. The new literacies of automation: Justice in the digital era by Dr. Suzanne Smythe (Simon Frazer University, Burnaby, CAN)
  3. Financial numeracy and vulnerability José Julián Coa-Alvira (UNIVERSITY, New York, USA)
  4. Climate change in the mathematics and numeracy classroom- Discussion with Prof. Dr. Chris Budd and a workshop chaired by Dr. Beth Kelly (AML chairperson, University College Institute of Education)
  5. Covid-19 and numeracy challenges by Kevin McConway (Open University, UK)

ALM virtual seminar series

Following the very successful 2020/21 virtual seminar series, planning is underway for a second series of virtual seminars for 2021/22. Please watch out for announcements on the website!

Future bulletins

We hope that you are enjoying the regular ALM bulletin. If you have news from your part of the world that may be of interest to our international community then please do get in touch with Diane Dalby or send her a short draft item for the next bulletin by November 1st 2021.

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