Abstracts for ALM 23

Call for Sessions: Papers, Workshops, Topic Groups and Posters

To submit a proposal for consideration, please complete the Submission Form and forward to conference organisers alm23@maths.nuim.ie no later than 5pm GMT on Friday April 15th, 2016. Please read the submission requirements carefully. The programme committee will reply by the 22nd of April, 2016.

We welcome proposals from practitioners and researchers for a variety of sessions addressing any specific issues related to the themes of the conference (which are listed on the main conference page. Consider these foci and read the description of sessions below to help you decide which form best suits your presentation. We encourage all presenters to involve delegates in interactive sessions.

We intend to hold a special workshop/symposium on Tuesday the 5th that deals specifically with successful models and policies for addressing numeracy and we welcome abstracts that would contribute to this session.

What you may contribute

If you are interested in contributing to the conference, you may:

  • present a research paper
  • host a workshop
  • discuss a topic with a focus group
  • display posters

The programme committee is particularly interested in:

  • joint presentations from researchers and practitioners
  • reports from the results of action research by practitioners
  • reports of collaborations on relevant national, regional and EU or other international projects

Paper presentations

Paper sessions will be between 30-45 minutes, depending on demand, and will allow for the presentation and discussion. We encourage presenters to be as interactive as possible. A paper may:

  • report on a research project
  • provide a position paper for discussion
  • spark a discussion of theory
  • critique practice
  • describe a new programme
  • provide a literature review
  • perform two or more of these activities

Workshops (90 minutes)

A workshop session will last 90 minutes and should include some form of interactive participation such as small group discussion, simulation of learning activities, hands-on mathematics or numeracy activity or some mixture of these. The workshop may have a particular purpose, such as:

  • showing and modelling practice
  • discussing issues
  • showing what research findings means in practice
  • providing opportunities for participants to interact with technology-based teaching strategies or resources

Topic/focus group (90 minutes)

The major part of the time in this session should be devoted to discussing a nominated theme with a structured opening and may include short presentations from a number of participants (5-10 minutes). If you are proposing a theme for a topic group, you must identify at least three people to be involved in leading the discussion. Your abstract should make clear the context and focus of the discussion and could provide key questions to be addressed.


A poster display will take place at the main conference venue and time will be set aside on the programme for conference participants to discuss issues displayed on posters. If you plan to use posters for your contribution, please indicate the topic to be displayed and the amount of space you will need.

For more information please contact the local conference coordinators alm23@maths.nuim.ie