Adult Numeracy Development: Theory, Research, Practice

edited by Iddo Gal

This new book is now available from Hampton Press, a USA publisher. It contains 16 original chapters written by adult educators and researchers involved in adult learning, mathematics and literacy education, and related fields from Israel, USA, UK, Malaysia, Canada, The Netherlands and Australia. Chapters open up key issues regarding the nature of numeracy and how to promote it in a range of formal and non-formal settings and with diverse types of learners.

Few comprehensive publications have so far been addressed at professionals interested in adult numeracy or in adults’ ability to communicate, interpret, critically evaluate, or act upon the quantitative aspects of their worlds. This book was designed as a resource for educators, trainers, researchers, curriculum developers, and managers interested in the development of mathematical knowledge and skills, broadly viewed, as part of adult education, literacy education, continuing education, workplace training, and mathematics education in diverse learning contexts. It can also serve as a reader in graduate courses dealing with adult and numeracy learning.

A selection of the chapters:

Section I. Perspectives on Numeracy

  • l Numeracy and Adult Learning: Implications of Research for Instruction
  • l Understanding NCTM Standards: Building a Problem-solving Environment

Section II. Approaches to Instruction

  • l Instructional Principles for Adult Numeracy Education
  • l Characteristics of Adult Learners of Mathematics
  • l Adult Numeracy at the Beginning Level: Learning Basic Number Concepts
  • l Using Technology to Develop Numeracy Skills
  • l Teaching Mathematics to Adults with Specific Learning Difficulties

Section III. Reflections on Practice and Learning

  • l Learning to Learn: Mathematics as Problem-Solving
  • l Mathematics as Communication
  • l Mathematics and the Traditional Work of Women

Section IV. Assessment

  • l A Framework for Assessment in Adult Numeracy
  • l Assessment of Adult Students’ Mathematical Strategies


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$27.95 (paper / softcover) ISBN: 1-57273-233-4

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$27.95 (paper / softcover) ISBN: 1-57273-233-4

$79.50 (cloth / hardcover) ISBN: 1-57273-232-6