ALM 10

Proceedings ALM-10, Ströbl, Austria, 2003

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Plenary Sessions
Functional NumeracyMieke van Groenestijn


Adult Learning in Austria. Facts and issuesArthur Schneeberger


Mathematics at Work: Adults and ArtefactsRudolf Strasser


Sociomathematics: Researching Adults Mathematics in WorkTine Wedege


Topic groups
Mathematics Education for the WorkplaceLisbeth Lindberg


Thinking about Research Methods and the Truth of the Research ResultsJuergen Maasz


A Report on Selected Dissertation ResearchKatherine Safford-Ramus


Affective Factors and Mathematics LearningWolfgang Schlôglmann


Paper presentations
Studying Mathematical Everyday Working ProblemsMercedes de Agüero


The NRDC report: ‘Adult numeracy: Review of research and related literature’Diana Coben


Adult Problem Solving: New InsightsNoel Colleran, John O’Donoghue, Eamonn Murphy


Towards an Evaluative Framework for New Learning Technologies in Adult Mathematics/Numeracy EducationGail E. FitzSimons


The National Survey of Numeracy in England. Findings, insights, reflection and implications John Gillespie


Values and Mathematics: Attitudes among Teachers in Adult EducationInge Henningsen, Tine Wedege


The ALMAB-project: Activities and Plans in Exchange across BordersB. Hermeler, L. Lindenskov


Teaching Mathematics Through PedagogyMarj Home


Development of mathematical knowledge in plumbing apprentices: Using and applying scale diagramsMichaela Inglis and John Pegg


Medicine calculations for nurses at Ullevâl University HospitalSvein Kvalø


Teachers’ Approaches to Mathematics to Live and Work – a Model of Four StagesLena Lindenskov


Numeracy Concept Sophistication – An Organising Framework. A Useful Thinking ToolTerry Maguire and John O’Donoghue


Equipped for the Future: Ten Years Old and still Going StrongKatherine Safford-Ramus


Mathematical tasks for work and life: What is the role of proof?Diane M. Spresser  168
Topic Groups
Where is the mathematics in measurement?Mark Baxter, Eamonn Leddy, Liz Richards, Topo Wresniwiro, Alison Tomlin, Diana Coben


Interactive Whole Class TeachingAnn McDonnell


Mathematics done by adults portrayed as a cultural object in advertising and in filmJeff Evans


Defining Numeracy – Concepts, Meaning and WordsDavid Kaye


Professional Development of Adult Numeracy Teachers- What Form does it take?Lena Lindenskov, Peter Weng and Terry Maguire  200
Math Literacy of adults: an example about proportionsJavier Diez Palomar, Paloma García Wehrle, Joaquin Giménez Rodríguez  210
Exploring the contexts, meanings and uses of numeracy for teachers and adult learnersJon Swain, Elizabeth Baker, Debbie Holder, Barbara Newmarch, Diana Coben  217