ALM 13

Proceedings ALM-13,Belfast, Northern Ireland, 2006

Theme: Crossing Borders – Research, Reflection & Practice in Adults Learning Mathematics

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Plenary sessions  
Cultural differences, adult education and mathematics
Gelsa Knijnik


Paper presentations

Crossing   borders   between   numeracy   and   mathematics:   Developing
curriculum pathways in mathematics
Diana Coben, Margaret Brown, Jeremy Hodgen, Ian Stevenson


Adult numeracy: Crossing borders of discourse
Gail. E Fitzsimons


Mathematics support for adult learners
Olivia Gill & John O Donoghue


Adult learners go home to their children’s math homework: What happens
when the parent is unsure of the content?
Lynda Ginsburg


Adults just don’t know how stupid they are. Dubious statistics in studies of
adult literacy and numeracy
Inge Henningsen


Diagnosing the Problem:  an investigation into pre-regi strati on nursing
students’ mathematical ability
Lynne Jenkins


On  mathematics   attitudes,   self-efficacy  beliefs   and  math-anxiety  in
commencing undergraduate students
Christopher M. Klinger


A number story as subjective area of experience – a case study with a
maths avoider
Jens Langpaap


Adults returning to mathematics: Key themes emerging in responses to
three different teaching approaches
Barbara Miller-Reilly


Is it possible to empower adults through numeracy teaching?
Lene Oestergaard Johansen


From research to relief: An examination of case studies illustrating math
Fred Peskoff & Leonid Khazanov


Professional development in the adult numeracy initiative: A project of the
Unisted States of America Department of Education
Katherine Safford-Ramus


Workshop sessions

What constitutes effective practice in adult numeracy?
Diana Coben, Margaret Brown, Valerie Rhodes, Jon Swain,
Katerina Ananiadou & Peter Brown


Crossing borders between numeracy and ICT in adult numeracy teaching
in Scotland
Diana Coben, Sheena Morrison & Daniel Sellers


Using the history of mathematic s in teaching adult numeracy
David Kaye


What should pedagogy for adult numeracy consist of? Or it ain’t what you
do but the way that you do it.
Rachel Stone & Graham Griffiths