ALM 14

Proceedings ALM-14, Limerick, Ireland, 2007

Theme: The Changing Face of Adults Mathematics Education: Learning from the Past, Planning for the Future

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Plenary sessions  
Bailey, Inez; Director, National Adult Literacy Agency (NALA)

Overview of the Adult Literacy System in Ireland & Current Issues

in its implementation


Johnson, Sylvia; Sheffield Hallam University, United Kingdom

Professional Development of the Adult Numeracy Teaching



Maasz, Juergen; University ofLinz, Austria

The slowly changing face of Adults Mathematics Education in Austria

Not Learning from the past means no chance of Planning

Improvements for the future


O Driscoll, Eoin; CEO, Adora, Chairman of Forfás Ireland

Skills for a Knowledge Economy


Paper presentations

Bendiksen, Varil

The Norwegian national programme for adult numeracy: A presentation of the national standards, teacher’s guide and test material that are being developed *


Byrne, Catherine, McElligott, Gerard  & Brendan O Hará

Mathematics in prison education *


Close, Sean

A comparison of the frameworks and items of the ALLS numeracy surveys and the PISA mathematical literacy surveys *


Coben, Diana

Numeracy for nursing: The case for a benchmark


Coben, Diana; Morrison, Sheena; Sellers, Daniel

Using ICT in Adult Numeracy Teaching


Crammer, Kathleen

Integrating Numeracy across the curriculum *


De Agüero, Mercedes

When women cook mole and men build a wall


FitzSimons, Gail

Integrating ICT into adult mathematics education: an activity theoretical approach


Florión, Raber & Wolfgang, Schlbglmann

An investigation to ‘mathematical literacy’ of adults using PISA- items


Gill, Olivia & O ‘Donoghue, John

Justifying the existence of Mathematics learning support: Measuring the effectiveness of a mathematics learning centre



Multimedia learning tools for Numeracy


Hosková, Sarka & Racková, Pavlina

Experience of mathematics blended learning at the University of Defence


Hylton, Liz

Using Quantitative Reasoning to explore history and mathematics in pop culture


Klinger, Christopher

Experience, the difference: maths attitudes & beliefs in commencing undergraduate students and pre-tertiary adult learners


Lanigan, Michael

Small scale Educational Action Research Project: Assisting Adult Learners Develop confidence in Mathematics – A Contemporary Approach to a Traditional Problem *


Lundetre, Kjersti

Adults’ mathematical self concept-dependent on gender?


Ni Fhloinn, Eabhnat

Assisting Adult Learners within a maths learning centre


Ni Riordain Maire & O’Donoghue John

Language Issues for adults learning mathematics through a second language


O’Donoghue, John & Van der Kooij, Henk

Assessing Quantitative Skills


Oestergaard Johansen, Lene

Two ‘grand stories’ about good practice in adult numeracy teaching – taking stock of our area


Safford-Ramus, Katherine

Findings from the Professional Development study within the Adult Numeracy Initiative, a project of the United States Department of Education


Robinson, Paul; O ‘Sullivan, Ciaran & Coman, Pat

Teaching Semester 1 Mathematics in a flexible delivery mode Higher Certificate in Electronic Engineering


Wedege, Tine

A gender perspective on Adults’ motivation and resistance to study mathematics


Gillies, Roslyn K; Nicholls, John C & Armstrong Lyn M

Three bridging course preparing students for the mathematical demands of tertiary study.

(This paper was inadvertently omitted from the ALM12 proceedings and is included here

at the request of the conference organisers)


Workshop sessions

Hansen, Eigil

Visual Math


Home, Marj

Using a spreadsheet for teaching & learning


McDonnell, Ann

An exploration of peer coaching


Randall, Louise & Troutmann, Todd

Alternative Mathematical Delivery


Topic groups

Kaye, David; Maasz, Juergen & Safford-Ramus, Katherine

Learning from the past, planning for the future: Sketching out a research agenda for numeracy education


Ni Fhloinn, Eabhnat; Gill, Olivia & Donal Dow ling

Maths Learning Centres in 3rd Level: Providing solid foundations or papering over cracks?


Poster presentation

Carr, Michael & Ni Fhloinn, Eabhnat

Increasing learning by decreasing choice: What do students think?



Appendix 1

ALM Achievements


Appendix 2

International Congresses on Mathematical Education (ICME)


Appendix 3

An ALM Bibliography: Published writings by ALM members to May 2007

Appendix 4Definitions on the Concept of Numeracy, as presented & discussed by ALM members during conferences in the past ten years  380