ALM 15

Proceedings ALM-15,Philadelphia, USA, 2008

Theme: A Declaration of Numeracy: Empowering Adults Through  Mathematics Education


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Plenary sessions  
Blaire, Richelle; President, American Mathematics Association of

Two-Year Colleges

If You are Standing Still, You are Falling Behind! Embracing Change in

Standards-Based Mathematics Instruction: It Comes Straight from

the Heart!


Coben, Diana; King’s College London *

Numeracy for Nursing: The Scope for International Collaboration


Weimar, Steve; The Math Forum, Drexel University

Math Forum: Its Utility for Teachers of Adults


Paper presentations

Brown, Jill

Promoting Active Learning in Essential Skills Numeracy Project 2007

Post-16 Sector, Northern Ireland


Chanda, Noyona & Griffiths, Graham *

The Al-jabr of Numeracy: Restoring the Balance (Between Literacy and



Connolly, Edel *

Fun Maths for Parents


De Forest, James

The Reduction of Remedial Mathematics in Secondary and Postsecondary

Schools in Kentucky


Ginsburg, Lynda & Farina, Solange

Traversing Two Worlds: Participating in Adult Math Classes and Helping

with Children’s Homework


Has si, Marja-Liisa *

Empowering Undergraduate Students through Mathematical Thinking

and Learning


Hassi, Marja-Liisa; Hannula, Aino & i Nevado, Laia Saló *

Opportunities for Improving Adults’ Basic Mathematical Skills:

The Case of Finland


Johnson, Pete

A Coding Scheme for Mathematical Knowledge Embedded in Print Media


Kantner, M. Joanne *

Partitioning: Instructor Mathematics Philosophy Shaping Community

College Mathematics


Kaye, David & Chanda, Noyona

Numeracy, Mathematics and Everything: Is the answer 42?


Kaye, David; Griffiths, Graham & Moulton, Ruth *

Pythagoras, Phi, Probability and Pi: Taking the/? and Putting it

Into Mathematics


Klinger, Christopher M. *

Passing it on: Linking Adult Innumeracy to Mathematics Attitudes, Low

Self-Efficacy Beliefs, and Math-Anxiety in Student Primary Teachers


Kvalo, Svein

The Numeracy Framework for Adults—Learning at the Workplace:

The Programme for Basic Competence in Working Life


McDonnell, Anne

Youth Disengaged: An International Concern?


Menéndez-Gómez, José María & Civil, Marta *

The Role of Cognition and Affect on Adults’ Participation in a Nonformal

Setting for Learning Mathematics


Miller-Reilly, Barbara

Evaluating a Mathematics Course for Adults Transitioning to Tertiary



Osafehinti, Isaac Olorunfemi *

Mathematics in Adult Education: The Nigerian Experience


Richards, Sarah

Developing Formative Assessment Approaches with Reluctant Mathematics

Teachers in Rural Honduras


Safford-Ramus, Katherine

What Mathematics Should Adults Learn? Adult Mathematics Instruction as a

Corollary to Two Decades of School Mathematics Reform


Schmitt, Mary Jane; Bingman, Beth & Curry, Donna

Initial Findings from Research on the TIAN Project: A New Professional

Development Model for Adult Education Math Teachers


Sitomer, Ann & Bartlo, Joanna

Exploring Parents’ Experiences with Standards-Based Curricula


Workshop sessions

Bishara, Mak; Hutchings, Lloyd B.; McCuaig, Susannah & El masody, Amar
Easily and Economically Overcoming Cognitive and Affective Obstacles to
Competent Numeracy in a Wide Range of Adults


Brover, Charles; Deagan, Denise; Farina, Solange & McGee, Lynn

United States Elections: What’s Fair? Problem-solving for Social Justice


Brown, Viv

Post-16 Networking in England to Share Active Learning Approaches to



Byrne, Catherine

Teaching Mathematics and Citizenship in Prison Education


Kaye, David; Griffiths, Graham & Moulton, Ruth

I’ve Got a Luverly Bunch of Calculations: A ‘Market Stall’ of Activities that

Develop Language and Numeracy


Home, Marj

Supporting Fraction Understanding


Kelly, Beth

Numeracy Skills, Employability and the Role of the Education Sector

Developing Relevant Numeracy Skills at Work


Khazonov, Leonid & Gourgey, Annette F*

Instructors’ Perspectives on Students’ Mistaken Beliefs about Probability

in an Elementary College Statistics Course


Topic groups 

Safford-Ramus, Katherine

Learning from the Past, Planning for the Future: Sketching Out a Research

Agenda for Numeracy Education


Kaye, David & Safford-Ramus, Katherine

A Declaration of Numeracy Research: Advancing the International

Research Agenda