ALM 16

Proceedings ALM-16,London, UK, 2009

Theme: Numeracy Works  for Life

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Robin Wilson Communicating mathematics: a historical and personal journey
Prof Wilson Biography and abstract
Tine Wedege The problem field of Adults Learning Mathematics
Prof Wedege Biography and abstract
Terezinha Nunes Informal mathematical understandings: implications for further education
Prof Nunes Biography and abstract
Jackie Ashton and Graham Griffiths The SfLIP side of numeracy: what teachers want (in England)
Diana Coben and Meriel Hutton with Carol Hall, David Rowe, Mike Sabin, Keith Weeks and Norman Woolley Towards a benchmark in numeracy for nursing: assessing student nurses’ performance in medication dosage calculation
Javier Díez-Palomar and Silvia Molina Roldán Family mathematics education: building dialogic spaces for adults learning mathematics*
Maria Cecilia de Castello Branco Fantinato Challenges of the ethnomathematical approach in adult education*
Jonathan Fletcher Participation of women in mathematics at the university level* 
Anestine Hector-Mason and Larry Condelli The Transitioning English Language Learners (TELLs) study: situating TELL in mathematics in the USA
Pete Johnson A coding scheme for mathematical knowledge embedded in print media
David Kaye Using the history of mathematics in teaching adult numeracy
Beth Kelly From the classroom to the workplace and back again: developing an understanding of numeracy teaching*
John J. Keogh, Terry Maguire and John O’Donoghue ‘Looking at the workplace through ‘Mathematical Eyes’’ – work in progress*
Christopher M. Klinger Adult innumeracy and the influence of negative mathematics attitudes, low self-efficacy beliefs, and mathematics anxiety in student primary teachers – an interventionist approach for better practice*
Christopher M. Klinger Behaviourism, cognitivism, constructivism, or connectivism? Tackling mathematics anxiety with ‘isms’ for a digital age*
Juergen Maasz Bet and lose: learning mathematics or losing money
Daniela Matovcikova How adults cope with the conversion to the Euro in the Slovak Republic
Ruth Moulton and Jackie Ashton Sharing learners’ personal mathematics knowledge
Jana Mullen and Jeff Evans Adult numeracy in the context of economic change: the conversion to the Euro in the Slovak Republic*
Helen Oughton “We all play teacher”: naturally-occurring student discourse as data in adult numeracy classrooms*
Eugénia Pardal and Darlinda Moreira The contribution of ethnomathematics to adults learning mathematics*
Katherine Safford-Ramus Professional development for middle school teachers: a growing adult student audience
M Mark Schwartz Why can’t we do it this way?*
Rachel Stone “I, robot” free will and the role of the maths teacher – who decides how we teach?
Martha Whitty Straight from the student’s mouth: ten freshman women reflect on their difficulties with mathematics
Keiko Yasukawa Educating activist adult numeracy teachers?
Jeff Evans, Sean Close and Terry Maguire The new international adult numeracy survey: the design of PIAAC
Graham Griffiths, David Kaye and Ruth Moulton Aggregate, investigate, and organise: the process of mathematical investigation and teachers of adult numeracy
Kees Hoogland Beyond word problems
Louise Marriott, Remy Odoeme and Bob Smith The transition to Functional Mathematics: experience from a secure environment and the way forward
Mônica Mesquita and Sal Restivo with Jorge Marques, Trindade Damasio, Margarida Matias, Isaura Matos, Conceição Pires, São José Madeira, Fernanda Marques and Paulo Santos Six adult mathematical workers on Literacy, Matheracy, and Technoracy for Life
Michael Rumbelow and Robert Nicolaides BBC raw numbers
Zaeed Mohammed and Andre Smith Numeracy market stalls
Poster presentations
Catherine Byrne Mathematics and environmental education
Valerie Seabright A culinary tour with ALM over 16 years
Topic groups
Katherine Safford-Ramus and David Kaye An adjustment of course: research and practice for a different economic climate
Christopher M. Klinger and Graham Griffiths with paper by Milton Fuller and Christopher M.Klinger Mathematics in community service: developing pathways to build mathematical confidence for good citizenship

Other contributions to the conference
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