The 21st International Conference of Adults Learning Mathematics (ALM)

Bern, Switzerland
“Adults Learning Mathematics – Inside and Outside the Classroom”

Complete proceedings ALM21 9.4Mb

ALM21 took place in Bern, Switzerland, and was hosted jointly by the Institute for Educational Science of the University of Bern as well as the Swiss Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training and the Swiss National Umbrella Organisation for Adult Education. The overall theme of the conference was “Adults Learning Mathematics – Inside and Outside the Classroom”. More specifically, each conference day focused on one aspect of this theme:

  • Day 1: Learning inside the classroom
  • Day 2: Learning outside the classroom
  • Day 3: Coordinating learning inside and outside the classroom

Each day two key note speakers addressed two specific aspects of the day’s conference theme. Afterwards parallel sessions discussed further issues. Please see below for a list of all contributions to the conference, additional notes are included where provided. Two webinar recordings are available for 29th June and 30th June. The detailed description of all contributions can be found here. The complete proceedings will be published at the beginning of 2015.

Key note speakers (in speaking order)

Prof. Dr Mamokgethi Setati, University of South Africa: Multilingual mathematics education in South Africa | View Presentation

Prof. Dr Walter Herzog, University of Bern: Can there be an evidence base for teaching mathematics? | View Presentation

Susan Easton, NIACE, United Kingdom: Maths Everywhere – an interactive learning tool for everyday life | View Presentation

Cäcilia Märki,  Project Leader SVEB: Improving basic skills through in-company trainings – first experiences from Switzerland | View Presentation

Prof. Dr Corinne Hahn, ESCP: The French Alternance Model – the question of the relationship between professional skills and academic knowledge | View Presentation

Dr Hansruedi Kaiser, SFIVET: Coordinating learning inside and outside the classroom in Vocational Education and Training | View Presentation (English) | View Presentation (German)

Paper sessions (in alphabetical order)

Carolyn Brooks: Making Maths Useful – a case study of the approaches used by two numeracy teachers in the Further Education and Skills Sector, to encourage and enable adult numeracy learners to apply and transfer their developing numeracy skills to their own real life contexts

Anthony Cronin: Learning Outside the Classroom

Diane Dalby: The isolation of mathematics teaching from vocational learning

Jacqueline Field : The Non-mathematician and the Spreadsheet

Brigitte Fleck: Promoting foreign language speakers’ mathematical competences in typical situations of everyday life | View Presentation

Ruth Grütter and Anita Guggisberg: Pilot Project “Developing Everyday Mathematics skills with Participants in Programs of Temporary Employment in the State of Argovia”

Anestine Hector-Mason: Supporting Numeracy Teaching and Learning in Adult English as a Second Language Learners to Advance Access and Success in Postsecondary Education and STEM Subject Areas | View Presentation

Marcus E. Jorgensen : Simulating Outside-the-Classroom Maths with In-Class Word Problems

David Kaye: What do I teach – Mathematics, Numeracy or Maths?

John Keogh: “Don’t ask me about maths – I only drive the van” | View Presentation

Judy Larsen: Experiencing a Flipped Adult Mathematics Upgrading Class

Ciarán Mac an Bhaird: Adult Learners and Mathematics Learning Support

Máire Ní Ríordáin: What do we know about the mathematics teaching and learning of multilingual adults and why does it matter?

Fiacre O’Cairbre: The Hamilton walk and its positive impact on adults learning mathematics outside the classroom.

Michael Rumbelow: BBC Skillswise: developing visual models to transfer between workplaces, classrooms and everyday life

Katherine Safford-Ramus: If Self-Efficacy Deficiency is he Disease, What Treatments Provide Hope for a Cure? | View Presentation

Rachel Stone: Teaching Maths for Medical Needs. A working partnership between teachers and health care professionals to support children and young people with concepts of ratio


Diane Dalby: Exploring student perceptions of ‘real life’ contexts in mathematics teaching

Armin Hollenstein and Annegret Nydegger: A toolbox for everyday mathematics

Elena Koublanova: On-line Learning Mathematics

Swiss network of everyday mathematics/SVEB: What didactical competences are required to teach mathematics to adults? | View Presentation (English) | View Presentation (German)

Topic group

David Kaye and Katherine Safford-Ramus: ALM Research – Practice: Technology as an Effective Teaching/Learning Partner


Tanja Aas and Anna Gustavsen: Competence goals for basic skills

Ronald Greber: Let’s talk about math | View Poster

Beth Kelly: Learning maths at work through Trade Unions in the UK | View Poster

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