Proceedings ALM-6, Sheffield, United Kingdom, 1999

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Plenary Sessions  
Keynote address: Mathematics in use: insights from a study of the workplaceCelia Hoyles


Plenary address: Fun with mathematicsFrank Haacke


Research reports  
Improving adults’ quantitative problem solving skills: a new approachNoel Colleran, John O’Donoghue and Eamonn Murphy


Facilitation of the Learning of Mathematics by Adult Students : Building a Theoretical FrameworkKatherine Safford


Reformation of a Bridging Mathematics courseDoreen Hartnell


Affect and mathematics learning – some remarksWolfgang Schiôglmann


Solving problems in everyday life: the interplay of different categories of knowledge and feelingsDhamma Colwell


Who teaches maths in Higher Education?Pat Drake


Becoming critical of adult numeracy in a Freirean literacy programAna Lucia Braz Dias


Adult numeracy tutor training in England: past, present and futureDiana Coben and Joy Joseph


Classroom Assistants and mathematicsAnne Kennelly


Numeracy assessment for the International Life Skills SurveyMieke van Groenestijn and Mary Jane Schmitt


Modelling workshop: how should we plan 400m run lanes?!Juergen Maasz and Wolfgang Schlôglmann


Dyslexia and maths and dyscalculiaPat Healy


Work in progress: developing a national framework for adults’ mathematical educationJohn O’Donoghue


Parents as learners of mathematicsMarta Civil


Competence and paralysis: studyJanet Duffin


Skills in arithmetic/mathematicsSimone van Duin, Netty van Leek and Mieke de Laat


Strategies for mental mathematicsSylvia Johnson


Topic Groups  
Developing a theoretical framework for adult mathematics learning and teachingRoseanne Benn, Juergen Maasz and Kathy Safford


The role of technology in supporting adult mathematics learningHarry Sormani


Socio-cultural perspectives on adult mathematics learningDhamma Colwell


Affective factors in adult mathematics learningAlison Tomlin


Poster Sessions  
West of England Numeracy Tutors ForumRuth Pocklinghorne, Meg North and Joy Joseph


ALM meets APN: mathematics/socialism/historyDavid Kaye, Valerie Seabright


Modelling masksCaz Randall