ALM Publications

ALM produces conference proceedings and the online ALM – International Journal (ALM-IJ).

The papers in the proceedings are lightly reviewed by ALM members.

The articles in the ALM – International Journal are blind peer reviewed according to the highest academic standards.
The aim is to have one issue of the ALM- International Journal each year dedicated to the themes of the yearly conference.

Guidelines (Word) for submitting papers:

ALM Conference Proceedings – Refereed paper Guidelines

ALM Guidelines Paper for Proceedings or Article for Journal

Creative Common License Agreement

For ALM-IJ and for the ALM Proceedings we ask that al contributors agree to the “Creative Commons Attribution” License. With this license ownership of the articles is retained by the authors, but anyone may download, reuse, reprint, modify, distribute, and/or copy articles provided that the original authors and source are cited. With this no further permission is required for the re-use. This license is recommended by most funders

Download, fill out, scan and send by e-mail:

Creative Common License Agreement (ALM journal and proceedings)

Style sheet (Word)

You can use this style sheet for submitting papers or articles:
ALM style template