ALM Trustees 2020/21


We are delighted to  welcome Kees Hoogland and  Lisanne  Hellmann on to the board of trustees for ALM.


Kees Hoogland is Professor of Mathematical and Analytical Competences of Professionals at the University of Applied Science in Utrecht. Read more about Kees here.


Lisanne is a researcher and the main contact for the Hamburg  Numeracy Projekt, involving six different sub-projects into mathematics. Read more about the Hamburg  Numeracy Projekt in Dutch and English.


Chairperson – Beth Kelly (UK)

Beth was elected Chair of Trustees in Lund in 2019. She is currently an Honorary Research Associate at University College Institute of Education, London having been a practitioner teacher trainer there since 2011. Beth achieved her Professional Doctorate in 2017 into motivation to learn mathematics in the workplace through trade unions, being inspired to undertake the doctorate by ALM members after joining in 2008.

Beth has extensive experience in the professional development of teachers in Higher Education, teaching Mathematics and Numeracy in Further Education as well as developing national qualifications for a UK awarding body. She uses her experiences outside education working with the NHS, local government and trade unions to inform her teaching and research. She is also a founder member of Learning Unlimited Ltd., an education consultancy, where she has been involved in a number of national and international projects developing numeracy skills in a variety of contexts including IT, Finance, Science, Prisons and, excitingly, teacher training in Bangladesh.

Trustee and Vice Chairperson  – Charlotte Arkenback (Sweden)

Charlotte was elected vice-Chair of Trustees in Lund 2019. She is a PhD student in Learning, Communication and Applied Information Technology in the Department of Applied IT, University of Gothenburg. Her research focuses on work and work-based training and learning within the increasingly connected service sector. The specific interest concerns the transformation of work and vocational competencies implementing smartphone technologies and cloud-based management information systems in personal meetings. The example in the study is sales assistants´ vocational practices at the checkout and on the sales floor in connected brick-and-mortar stores.
Charlotte has worked as a teacher in mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology and technology in compulsory school, upper secondary school and adult education for 20 years. As a special needs teacher in mathematics development within adult education at Eductus, she teaches and guides students online through various forms of digital communication. Her research and pedagogical interests include digital communication, visuospatial thinking, learning and mathematics, low-attaining students, mathematics and digitalisation in vocational education.

Trustee and Secretary  – Marc Jorgensen (USA)

Marcus “Marc” Jorgensen is an Associate Professor of Developmental Mathematics at Utah Valley University where he has taught since 2007. After several years of teaching tertiary-preparation courses, he currently specializes in teaching a required course in quantitative reasoning for non-STEM majors. His research interests include curriculum design for first-year university students. This includes teaching students to detect numerical deception in claims by politicians. Marc’s first career was as an officer in the U.S. Coast Guard. But, he has long had an interest in adult mathematics education having taught the mathematics portion of an after-hours high school equivalency program on his first shipboard assignment. After heading to civilian life, Marc has served as Dean of Computing, Mathematics, and Science at a community college and as Director of Institutional Effectiveness and Planning at his current institution.

Trustee and Membership Secretary – John Keogh (Ireland)

ImageJohnKeoghDr John J. Keogh. The Institute of Technology Tallaght, Dublin 24, Ireland. After a career in the shipping industry spanning 30 years, John embraced a long yearned-for opportunity to study at 3rd level by distance learning. Having completed a degree in ICT, he began research into workplace mathematics under the supervision of Theresa Maguire and John O’Donoghue. John was awarded his PhD in 2013.


Trustee  – David Kaye (UK)

David KayeDavid is the former Chair of Trustees. He has contributed to ALM in many ways since 1995; he was previously the Secretary and has been part of the organising committee and co-editor of the proceedings for two international conferences.  He works in adult numeracy professional development, which is supported by substantial experience in teaching adult numeracy in a further education college in London. Prior to this career in education he was in local government. David has a deep and sustained interest in the history of mathematics and in particular the development of using the history of mathematics in adult numeracy and in teacher training. He has an MA in Education and a BA in the history and philosophy of science and technology. Both are from the Open University achieved whilst working full time. He is also a director of the education consultancy Learning Unlimited Ltd.

Trustee  – Catherine Byrne (Ireland)

Catherine Byrne has been a teacher of mathematics and basic skills in Irish Prisons for many years. She teaches all levels of mathematics to prisoners, teaching accredited and non-accredited courses. She has an interest in assessment, motivation for starting mathematics in this context, mathematical self-efficacy, mathematical resilience, affective aspects of learning mathematics, the impact of learning on identity in this context. She is also a PhD student in Dublin Institute of Technology, researching mathematics in prison education.

Trustee  – Diane Dalby (UK)

Diane is a Senior Research Fellow at the Centre for Research in Mathematics Education, University of Nottingham. She previously worked in Further Education colleges in England for over 20 years, in various management and teaching roles, before commencing a full-time doctorate at the university and later progressing to her current role. Her doctoral study focused on the experiences of vocational students learning functional mathematics in Further Education colleges and Diane has since worked on several national and international mathematics research projects. Her research interests include the teaching of mathematics in post-16 education for disaffected and low-attaining students, the post-16 mathematics curriculum, the enactment of policy in Further Education and the positioning of mathematics within vocational education. Diane has also been active for many years as an educational consultant, trainer and external examiner, taking a special interest in mathematics teaching and FE management.

Trustee  –  Jeff Evans (London, UK)

Jeff Evans is Emeritus Reader in Adults’ Mathematical Learning in the School of Science & Technology, at Middlesex University, London. Over the course of his career he has taught mathematics, applied statistics and research methods to mainly adult students within a variety of degree and diploma specialisations. He has also researched and written on a number of topics related to adult mathematics education:  mathematical thinking and emotion; the contexts of numerate thinking; images of mathematics in popular culture. He is particularly interested in demystifying statistical results, and encouraging a confident and critical reading of the findings of international educational surveys. Some of his critical methodological work has been done with colleagues in the Radical Statistics Group. He is on the Editorial Boards of several journals, including Adults Learning Mathematics: an International Journal.

Trustee  – Lynda Ginsburg (USA)

Lynda Ginsburg works as a researcher and developer at Rutgers University, the state university of New Jersey, USA.
She is also a board member of the USA sister organisation: Adult Numeracy Network.

Trustee  -Lisanne Heilmann (Germany)

Lisanne Heilmann is a researcher at the University of Hamburg. Her research focusses on numeracy and literacy of adults, especially concerning vulnerability and societal power relations. She researches how constructs of literacy and numeracy are used to empower adults but also to exclude or marginalise certain populations.

She worked on the German nation-wide ‘LEO-Survey 2018 – Living with low literacy’. This large-scale assessment tests the literacy skills of the German population and surveys further basic competencies such as financial, digital, political or health-related skills and practices. She is also the project coordinator of the Hamburg Numeracy Project, a Hamburg-based joint research project on the role of numeracy as a part of adult’s basic education.

She is currently finishing her PhD on deconstructing literacy and numeracy expectations and analysing the invisible power relations they are embedded in.

Trustee  – Kees Hoogland (The Netherlands)

Kees Hoogland is professor of Mathematical and Analytical Competences of Professionals at the University of Applied Sciences Utrecht in The Netherlands. Kees has worked as mathematics teacher, teacher educator, researcher, textbook author, journal editor, and CEO. He was active as consultant on mathematics and numeracy education in Belarus, Dutch Antilles, Greece, Indonesia, South Africa, Surinam, Mexico and Denmark. He is the designer of ffLerenRekenen, state-of-the-art blended learning materials for adult numeracy. He is active as member of the OECD Numeracy Expert Group and project leader of the Erasmus+ project Common European Numeracy Framework. He is also the current chair of the Thematic Working Group Adult Mathematics Education at CERME12 in Bolzano, Italy (2nd – 6th February 2022).

Trustee  – Linda Jarlskog (Sweden)

Linda Jarlskog pictureLinda Jarlskog, is an adult educator in mathematics, physics and chemistry. Her current workplace is Komvux, Lund, located in southern Sweden. Her interest in teaching maths has grown stronger with the years. Before Linda went on to teach she devoted herself to solid state physics. In addition to teaching Linda writes her first textbook in mathematics. The teaching material is aimed toward adult learners with a foreign first language studying basic math. In addition to her interest in teaching mathematics Linda dedicates a lot to art.

Trustee  – Judy Larsen (Canada)

Judy Larsen is an associate professor at the University of the Fraser Valley where she teaches mathematics upgrading courses as well as courses designed for prospective mathematics teachers. As a doctoral candidate at Simon Fraser University, she currently pursues research into the generative possibilities of community spaces related to mathematics education, including those within social media settings. She is also deeply interested in environments that occasion mathematical thinking, the role of autonomy in mathematics classrooms, affective aspects of learning mathematics, and mathematics teacher professional learning. She actively participates in the online mathematics education community via Twitter at @JudyLarsen3 and hosts a website at


Honorary Trustees

  • Prof Diana Coben, National Centre of Literacy and Numeracy for Adults and University of Waikato, New Zealand
  • Dr Gail FitzSimons, Melbourne University, Australia
  • Dr Marj Horne, Australian Catholic University, Melbourne, Australia
  • Lisbeth Lindberg, Göteborg University, Sweden
  • Prof Juergen Maasz, University of Linz, Austria
  • Dr Terry Maguire, Director National Forum for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education
  • Prof John O’Donoghue, University of Limerick, Ireland
  • Dr Katherine Safford-Ramus, Saint Peter’s College, Jersey City, New Jersey, USA
  • Dr Alison Tomlin, King’s College London, UK
  • Dr Mieke van Groenestijn, Utrecht University of Professional Education, Utrecht,
    The Netherlands