ALM 18

Proceedings of ALM-18 Tallaght, Dublin, Ireland

Theme: Mathematical Eyes: A Bridge between Adults, the World and Mathematics

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Section 1 Plenary presentations
(Plenary video is available at http:\\\events\alm18conference\index.html)
Lars Gustafsson, National Center for Mathematics Education (NCM) Adults mathematical literacy – starting a Grundtvig Multilateral Network 1
Kees Hoogland , APS – National Center for School Improvement Images of Numeracy 2
C.D.Hussey, University of Limerick Eeny – Meeny – Miny – Mo: Count and be Counted! 15
Bill Lynch, NCCA – Project Maths Co-ordinator Project Maths 24
Ciarán O’Sullivan, Institute of Technology Tallaght, Dublin But what use is this ‘maths stuff’ in the real world? – One practitioners’ quest to provide answers 25

Section 2 – Paper Presentations
Sonja Beeli-Zimmermann and Armin Hollenstein Financial literacy of microcredit clients – Results of a qualitative exploratory study and its implications for educational schemes 26
Beth Kelly Learning in the workplace, functional mathematics and issues of transferability 37
Catherine Byrne, Theresa Maguire, John O’Donoghue Mathematics Behind Bars 47
Diana Coben and Barbara Miller-Reilly An International Comparative Study of Adult Numeracy in New Zealand and the UK – what can we learn from surveys? * 61
Javier Díez-Palomar Being competent in mathematics: adult numeracy and common sense * 90
Javier Díez-Palomar, Clive Kanes, Margarida César, Maria Lo Cicero, Benedetto Di Paola Family Math for Adult Learners * 103
Jeff Evans Adult Students’ Response to Images of Mathematics in Advertising * 118
Sílvia Franco Ethnomathematics: An Intercultural Dialogue * 129
Eileen Goold and Frank Devitt The role of mathematics in engineering practice and in the formation of engineers * 134
Graham Griffiths Turn and face the strain ? towards a model for analysing the changing mathematical
needs of the workplace * 155
Jackie Ashton, Graham Griffiths, David Kaye, Beth Kelly and Daian Marsh Family mathematics/numeracy: identifying the impact of supporting parents in developing their children’s mathematical skills * 163
David Kaye, Beth Kelly, Jackie Ashton and Graham Griffiths Financial Literacy Competencies – the story so far * 176
Kees Hoogland, Rinske Stelwagen New Dutch Numeracy Framework * 193
Patrick Johnson and Maria Gonzalez A Qualitative Study of the Mathematical Experience of Commencing Tertiary Adult Learners * 203
Marcus E. Jorgensen Relevance as a Bridge between College-Preparation Adults and the World * 213

Section 3 – Workshops
John J. Keogh, Theresa Maguire and John O’Donoghue Mathematics in the Workplace – Invisible to Whom? * 228
Leonid Khazanov and Fred Peskoff Incorporating Study Skills Training into an Elementary Algebra Course * 238
Padraig Kirwan A Mature Student Maths Programme 246
Christopher M. Klinger On the role of language and interpretative fluency in addressing mathematics
anxiety in adult learners * 247
Miriam Liston, Niamh O’ Meara and Blathnaid Ní Chinneide The challenges faced when integrating numeracy and literacy in the development of a ‘Real World Maths’ training pack * 256
Devorah MacLean Playing the Board game for Algebra Review (Beginner & Intermediate) 268
Tibor Marcinek The world through the mathematical eyes of college students: Images from a pilot
competency course in quantitative reasoning * 269
Ann McDonnell An exploration of the impact of functional skills: on young people and adults life
chances and employability 279
Mesquita, M, Franco S., Matias, M, Matos I, Madeira M, and Marques, J. The Collaborative Group of GEMP as context-building knowledge and the relationship with the knowledge 280
Zaeed Mohammed Functional Skills 281
Ruth Moulton Education Projects in Honduras & Nicaragua 282
Fiacre Ó Cairbre The Positive Impact of Storytelling in Mathematics for Adults * 295
Joan O’Hagan (When) can we trust ourselves to think straight? – and (when) does it really matter? * 305
Tracy Part What is Mathematical Wellbeing? What are the Implications for Policy and Practice? * 316
Damien Raftery and Sharon McDonald Assessing for learning and quantitative literacy 325
Katherine Safford-Ramus A Review and Summary of Dissertation Research in Adult Mathematics Education: – The Next Decade * 326
Katherine Safford-Ramus Professional Development for Middle School Teachers: A Summary of Recent
Research in the United States – Final Report * 333
Valerie Seabright MATHEMATICS -Visible but Unseen 341
Yvonne Seiler and Armin Hollenstein Computer Literacy – A Trojan Horse to Adult Basic Education? 344