ALM24 Plenary speakers

Ionica Smeets  –  Communicating Science for Mathematicians

Ionica Smeets is Professor of Science Communication at the University of Leiden, The Netherlands. She studied Mathematics at Delft University of Technology and obtained her PhD in Mathematics in 2010 at Leiden University. As a postdoc in Public Understanding of Science (Leiden) she studied which stories help laymen in understanding hard concepts. For a few years Ionica was a self-employed science journalist until she returned to the university in her current position. Her main research interest, at least for now, is finding ways to bridge the gap between experts and laymen. She is known to the public for her popular science columns, blogs, books and television work.

John Poppelaars  –  Mathematics at Work

John Poppelaars is senior manager and practice leader Advanced Analytics of BearingPoint in Amsterdam. In this role John acts as senior advisor and analytics expert. John is a passionate proponent of the use mathematics as a key business enabler. Throughout his career, he has applied the business maxim of ‘improving decision-making quality’ to numerous projects across a myriad of industries and supported his clients to optimise their businesses with the best suitable mathematical modelling techniques. John was awarded the 2012 Franz Edelman Award for this work on the development and enhancement of TNT Express’ analytical capabilities which resulted in substantial savings.  John earned a Master’s degree in Econometrics (1990) and is INFORMS Certified Analytics Professional.

Stefan Buijsman  –  Understanding Mathematics

Stefan Buijsman is Philosopher and Post-doc Researcher at the University of Stockholm, He obtained an MA in Philosophy at Leiden University in 2013. Before that he studied Computer Science (BA thesis in logic) and Philosophy (MA thesis on assertion), also at Leiden University. In 2016, he obtained his PhD at Stockholm University in the philosophy of mathematics. The dissertation aimed to establish the need for a philosophy of mathematics that pays attention to non-experts, and for more attention to empirical work on the psychology of mathematics. Stefan is now engaged in translating his ideas to mathematics and numeracy education.

Mark Miearas  –  9 Misunderstandings About Learning

Mark Mieras is a Dutch science journalist and best-selling author on brain-development. His books are revealing yet also paint a familiar picture of our dynamic brain. Mieras graduated cum lade in theoretical physics. He understands, as few others do, the art of making science tangible and practical, and is able to draw people into to his own curiosity.

Diana Coben and Kathy Safford-Ramus  –  The Fruits of Research: Editors’ Perspectives on Publishing Work from ICME-13

Diana Coben is Director of the National Centre of Literacy and Numeracy for Adults and Professor of Education at the University of Waikato, New Zealand, and Emeritus Professor of Adult Numeracy at King’s College London, UK.

Kathy Safford is Professor of Mathematics at Saint Peter’s University in Jersey City, New Jersey, USA.

Diana and Kathy are both influential educators in the field of Adult Mathematics and Numeracy Education, Honorary Trustees to the ALM-board and prolific contributors to ALM. Diana and Kathy are now respective chief editors of two upcoming ICME-monographs on recent (scientific) developments related to the field.