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Proceedings:   ALM24 Proceedings 

These proceedings are edited by Kees Hoogland, David Kaye and Beth Kelly


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Hoogland, K., Kaye, D. & Kelly, B.(Eds.). (2018). All Hands on Math. Proceedings of the 24th International Conference of Adults Learning Mathematics – A Research Forum (ALM). Rotterdam, The Netherlands: Albeda College.



ISBN: 978-1-9161278-0-7

Presentations:    Most Presentations are available below

24th International Conference of Adults Learning Mathematics

ALM 24 will be held in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, from July 2nd to July 5th, 2017. The focus of this three day conference will be on several international themes in mathematics and numeracy education for (young) adults.

Plenary sessions   Presenters in order of appearance

  •  Ionica Smeets – Communicating Science for Mathematicians
  •  John Poppelaars  – Mathematics at Work ==> pdf
  •  Diana Coben &  Kathy Safford-Ramus, The Fruits of Research – Editors’ Perspectives on Publishing Work from ICME-13 ==>  pdf
  •  Stefan Buijsman – Understanding Mathematics ==> pdf
  •  Mark Mieras – 9 Misunderstanding About Learning

Parallel session    Presenters in alphabetical order

  • Tanja Aas, Norway – Numeracy Counts ==> pdf
  • Charlotte Arkenback, Sweden – Problem: The Numbers of Squares on a Chessboard – But, what if you don´t see where the squares on the chessboard  start and end?
  • Charlotte Arkenback, Sweden – Adult retail apprenticeships – Logbook and Group -supervision as learning tools in workplace-based education ==> pdf
  • Lydia Balomenou, Greece – Adults solving realistic problems ==> pdf
  • Mirjam Bos, NL – Start up your lesson: How to start up your lesson ==> pdf
  • Arjan van den Broek, The Netherlands – Say hi to Eddy the educational robot ==>  pdf
  • Joanne Caniglia, USA – Teaching Refugee Adults Functional Mathematics ==> pdf
  • Joanne Caniglia, USA – Teaching Mathematics to Adult Learners Using Stations
  • Noel Colleran, Ireland – Exploring the genealogy of the concept of  ‘innate mathematical ability’ and its potential for an egalitarian approach to mathematics education ==> pdf
  • Competition UK + NL price winners – Competition UK + NL price winners presentation
    • Peter Gilles ==> pdf
    • Reno Keiluhu ==> pdf
    • Rebecca Woolley ==> pdf
  • Diane Dalby, UK – How can I become a better mathematics teacher? The affordance and constraints of professional learning communities in changing classroom practice ==> pdf
  • Susanna East, UK – Developing independent learning skills among adult learners ==> pdf
  • Jeff Evans, UK; John O’Donoghue, Ireland; Kathy Safford-Ramus, USA; Javier Diez-Palomar, Spain – New Directions for ALM-International Journal ==> pdf
  • Jeff Evans, UK – Have statistics lost their power in public policy discussions? Have statistics lost their power in public policy discussions? ==> pdf
  • Graham Griffiths, UK – Thinking about the use of alternative dialogue scenes when developing adult mathematics ==>
  • Graham Griffiths, UK – Citizen Maths – a free online mathematics course designed for adults. Is it working? ==>
  • Giel Hanraets, The Netherlands – Digital tools in Dutch vocational mathematics classes ==> pdf
  • Kees Hoogland, The Netherlands; Diana Coben, New Zealand; Lynda Ginsburg, USA – Reviewing the PIAAC Assessment Framework ==> pdf
  • Kees Hoogland, The Netherlands – Descriptive and depictive representations in mathematical problems – the effect on vocational students’ results ==> pdf
  • Brooke Istas, USA – Mathematics for the Criminal Justice Field ==> pdf
  • Beth Kelly, UK – Adults learning mathematics in the workplace through their trade unions: what motivates them? ==> pdf
  • Maryam Kiani, USA – Critical Mathematics in a Post-Truth Era: Mathematics is a prerequisite to philosophy and therefore access to wisdom and truth.
  • Maryam Kiani, USA – Numeracy and Mathematics in Brain: The Untapped Potential of Learning Disabled Employees in the Workplace
  • Suehye Kim, Germany/South Korea –  Adult numeracy within a lifelong learning metric (RAMAA) ==> pdf
  • Aristoula Kontogianni, Greece – Investigating adults’ statistical literacy in a second chance school ==> pdf
  • Nárcisz Kulcsár, Hungary – Studying mathematics through texts or images? The importance of visuality in university coursebooks ==> pdf
  • Wim Matthijsse & Monica Wijers, The Netherlands – A Dutch Numeracy approach: Succes! Rekenen ==> pdf
  • Sorcha Moran, Ireland – Add1ng Num8er5 t0 L1fe, and Multiply the Possibilities ==> pdf
  • Catherine Paulson-Ellis, UK – My maths is OK; I can do my job; why is that a problem? ==> pdf
  • Leah Rineck, USA – Accelerating Students to Credit Bearing Mathematics Classes ==> pdf
  • Leah Rineck, USA – Using Algebra Tiles to Help Integer Understanding ==> pdf  + Algebra Tile Demo
  • Kathy Safford-Ramus, USA – Power in Numbers: Advancing Math for Adult Learners: A Project of the United States Department of Education ==> pdf
  • Uwe Schallmaier, Germany – Mathematical competences in workplace activities of trained salespeople from different perspectives ==> pdf
  • William Speer, USA – Mining the Richness of “I Don’t Know” Responses ==> pdf
  • Jenny Stacey, UK – Mathematics and Examination Anxiety in Adult Learners: the findings of surveys of GCSE Maths students in a Further Education college in the UK ==> pdf
  • Marissa van der Valk, The Netherlands – Electronic Platform of Adult Learning in Europe – Find out about 5 lifehacks of EPALE (and how you can share one too…) ==> pdf
  • Shin Watanabe, Japan – The Connection on In school and Out School lifelong learning ==> pdf
  • Hans de Zeeuw, The Netherlands – The Math Games ==> pdf

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Conference themes and plenary speakers

The overall theme of ALM 24 is: All Hands-on Math

Conference themes are:

  • All Hands-on Math: Examples of inspiring and practical mathematical activities for adults
  • Mathematics in and for the Workplace
  • Future Trends in Adults Learning Mathematics
  • Mathematical APPlications for Adult Education

We are delighted to introduce the following confirmed plenary speakers.

In order of appearance:

  • Prof. Ionica Smeets, University of Leiden, The Netherlands
  • John Poppelaars MA, Bearingpoint, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • Prof. Diana Coben, Waikato University, New Zealand
  • Prof. Kathy Safford-Ramus, Saint Peter’s University, Jersey City, New Jersey, USA
  • Dr. Stefan Buijsman, University of Stockholm, Sweden
  • Drs. Mark Mieras, Science Journalist, The Netherlands

More information on the plenary lectures can be found here.

Conference Schedule and Parallel Sessions

The provisional Conference Schedule is now available and can be downloaded: ALM24_Daily_sessions-provisional_schedule.

The provisional Parallel Sessions Schedule is now available and can be downloaded: ALM24_Parallel_session-provisional_schedule.pdf

The abstracts of plenary lectures and parallel presentaions/workshops are now available and can be downloaded: ALM24-Abstracts-plenary-and-parallel-presentations.pdf

The abstracts and schedules will also be provided upon registration.

The conference will start with a welcoming reception on Sunday July 2nd, 2017 from 16.00 to 19.00.

The Monday July 3rd evening dinner “Albeda Buffet” will be at Baljuw 2.

The Tuesday July 4th evening conference dinner will be at “Tante Sjaar”.  See directions here. Public transportation tickets will be provided upon request (from the registration desk).

Accompanying persons are welcome to the opening reception and can buy tickets (€ 30,=) for Monday Albeda Buffet and Tuesday Conference Dinner at the registration desk during the conference.

Publishing your paper in the Proceedings or the ALM International Journal

For publishing your paper in the Proceedings of ALM24 or the ALM International Journal (ALM-IJ), please read the Guidelines.

The guidelines can be downloaded: ALM-24-Guidelines-Paper-for-Proceedings-or-Article-for-Journal.docx

What is the deadline for submissions for the ALM-IJ or the ALM24 proceedings?

  • The deadline for the procedings will be announced later, but is probably around October 1st, 2017.
  • The deadline for the ALM-IJ will be announced later, but is probably around October 15th, 2017.
  • Presenters at ALM24 will be informed by e-mail.
Conference host

Albeda College, the largest vocational college in Rotterdam and one of the major colleges in the Netherlands, is proud to host this event.


The conference will take place in Rotterdam, Holland’s second biggest city and Europe’s largest port.

This conference is supported by the City of Rotterdam: Rotterdam Education City 2016-2017

Rotterdam is known for its innovative ambitions, multicultural population and a hands-on and no-nonsense approach to work, education and life in general. This Rotterdam mentality will reflect in the conference organisation and in the overall theme: All hands-on math.

We especially welcome professionals who work with dedication and inspiration on mathematics and numeracy for (young) adults.

Programme Committee and Organising Committee
The members of the ALM24 Programme Committee are:

  • Dr. Kees Hoogland (SLO, NL)    –    Chair, ALM-Trustee
  • Ir. Rinske Stelwagen (CINOP, NL)    –    Vice-Chair
  • Kooske Franken MA (ROC Albeda College, NL)    –    Secretary
  • Frederike Bos BA (Steunpunt basisvaardigheden, NL)
  • Prof. Diana Coben (Waikota University, NZ)
  • Dr. Terry Maguire (National Forum, Ireland)
  • Drs. Rianne Reichardt MPM (Steunpunt Taal en rekenen mbo, NL)
  • Peter Siemann (ROC Albeda College, NL)

The members of the local Organising Committee are:

  • Suzanne Verveer (Albeda)
  • Kooske Franken (Albeda)
  • Lydia Kist (Albeda)
  • Rinske Stelwagen (CINOP)
  • Kees Hoogland (SLO)

Around the conference venue there is ample opportunity for accommodation in several price ranges.
Suggestions and special offers can be found here.

Registration is now open, please read carefully the instructions under the registration tab.

Travelling in The Netherlands

More information on travelling in the Netherlands can be found here.


The organisation ALM provides the opportunity for bursaries to practitioners and researchers from institutions involved in Adults Learning Mathematics with limited resources to visit international conferences such as ALM24.
You can download the Bursary Form 2017 here.
For additional questions please contact ALM directly by e-mailing to

Registration and payment module ..................  Now closed

Registration fees

The following  fees are applicable.

  • Full conference                      € 290  or  € 270 (for ALM-members)
  • Monday one day ticket         € 175
  • Tuesday one day ticket        € 175

To see what is concluded in the conference fee, please read this overview.

Accompanying persons are welcome to the opening reception and can buy tickets (€ 30,-) for Monday BBQ and Tuesday conference dinner at the registration desk during the conference.

Registration and secure payment module

Secure on-line payment can be made through i-Deal (Dutch participants), VISA, and  MasterCard.
Most language of our standard registration and payment module is programmed in Dutch. Our apologies for any inconveniences this causes. A leaflet with explanations can be found HERE. Please study it carefully before registration.
To access the registration module click on AANMELDEN.

General Information

  • Participation is not guaranteed until full payment of the registration fee is received.
  • The conference program may be subject to changes (based on decisions by the Programme Committee).
  • In the case of unforeseeable events, it is up to the Programme Committee and the Board of Trustees of ALM to decide on changes or even the cancellation of the conference and the amount of refund of payments. If the conference is cancelled, the remaining funds will be paid back to the participants and no further liability of the local organizers or ALM will be accepted towards the client.

Cancellation Policy

The registration for participation in the conference is binding. All cancellations and changes regarding the conference registration must be made in written form to the conference registration secretariat by sending an email to Refunds are possible until June 15 th, 2017.

Call for proposals  ............Now closed

The conference organisation has invited practitioners, researchers and policy makers to share their (classroom) experiences, research results, and policy matters on ALM24 with an international audience. The programme is final now.

To be scheduled as presenter after acceptance of your submission, you have to register as conference participant.

Please send your name and the name of your organization to and we will keep you informed on further information and announcements.

This conference is supported by the City of Rotterdam: Rotterdam Education City 2016-2017