Bulletin June 2016


We are now half-way through 2016 and almost time for our annual conference. As always ALM’s work between conferences takes place through the activities of our members, wherever you are. We encourage you to organise local events including the name of ALM when you can. Please let me know if you are doing so.

ALM Organisation

At every annual conference the Committee that runs ALM is elected. Whether or not you are able to attend the conference you can put yourself forward to serve on the Committee (provided you are a current member of ALM). Please let me know if you are interested. You can see the current Committee on the website.

Conference Proceedings and International Journal (Special Edition)

You should have received your printed copy of the ALM proceedings for ALM 21, held in Bern in 2014 (2014 members and conference attendees only). We apologise for the delay in distributing this. The peer reviewed papers from ALM 21 have been available in the Special Edition of the ALMIJ online for some time. The Special Edition of peer reviewed papers from ALM 22 held in the USA in 2015 will soon be published online. At this year’s conference we are consulting with members on whether they wish to continue to receive the full conference proceedings in a printed format.

ICME 13 – Hamburg – July 24-31 2016

“The congress attendees will experience the very special characteristics of the German mathematics education discussion, which is closely connected to European traditions of didactics of mathematics and has seen important recent developments.”
This is a very large international conference (over 3000 registered delegates) to which ALM members make a significant contribution. We have traditionally been associated with Topic Study Group (TSG) 6 which focuses on Adults Learning Mathematics – Lifelong Learning and this year is no exception with 4 Chairs of ALM being involved and other members. We are also playing a strong role in TSG 3 Mathematics Education in and for Work. Please consult the ICME 13 website, even if you cannot consider going the list of activities and published abstracts are very informative.

ALM 24 2017

We are pleased to announce that the ALM International Conference in 2017 will be hosted by Albeda College, Rotterdam, Netherlands. Further information will be available on the website in July.


Please keep your membership up to date – we like to know you are still with us. If you are not sure if you have renewed for 2016 please contact the membership secretary.

David Kaye