Ethics Statement

Adults Learning Mathematics – An International Forum (ALM)

Adults Learning Mathematics International Journal (ALMIJ)


Research ethics

  1. ALM and ALMIJ attach great importance to the maintenance of high ethical standards in research undertaken by its members. It is an expectation at ALM conferences and for ALM publications that anything that is reported as being research has the necessary ethics approval, whether it be the research of academics or teachers.
  2. ALM and ALMIJ recognise relevant codes for the responsible conduct of research with human subjects as well as the roles and responsibilities of national, school system, and university ethics committees in the approval of research with human subjects.
  3. ALM and ALMIJ expect that research undertaken by its members will be carried out ethically. Ethical research with human subjects is safe, respectful, responsible, and high quality.

To ensure these qualities, ethical researchers:

  • obtain the necessary informed consent from participants, including parents of children under the age of 18, using approved processes;
  • have their applications to conduct research with people approved by relevant national bodies;
  • undertake the research according to the procedures approved by the ethics committees and responsible authorities of the country of the authors;
  • disseminate the research according to the approval given by any relevant responsible authority and the ethics of publication (originality, acknowledgement of all sources etc.).

It is the responsibility of the researcher/research team to undertake these steps.

Publication ethics

ALM and the journal Editorial Team shall take reasonable steps to identify and prevent the publication of papers where research misconduct has occurred.

In no case shall the ALM journal or its editors encourage such misconduct, or knowingly allow such misconduct to take place.

In the event that ALM or the journal Editorial Team are made aware of any allegation of research misconduct the publisher or editor shall deal with allegations appropriately.

ALM and the journal Editorial Team are keen to publish corrections, clarifications, retractions and apologies when needed. Link to guidelines for retracting or correcting articles.

The ALMIJ Editorial Team will check and decide whether the ethics policy is met.