Perspectives on Adults Learning Mathematics, Research and Practice

edited by Diana Coben
University of Nottingham, UK
John O’Donoghue
University of Limerick, Ireland
Gail E. FitzSimons
Monash University, Victoria, Australia

Contents and Contributors
Acknowledgements. Preface. Introduction; D. Coben, et al. Review of Research on Adults Learning Mathematics; G.E. FitzSimons, G.L. Godden.

Section I: Perspectives on Research on Adults Learning Mathematics; D. Coben.Mathematics or Common Sense? Researching `Invisible’ Mathematics through Adults’ Mathematics Life Histories; D. Coben. Researching Adults’ Knowledge Through Piagetian Clinical Exploration – the case of domestic work; J.C. Llorente.Understanding their Thinking: the tension between the Cognitive and the Affective; J.Duffin, A. Simpson. Understanding their Thinking: the tension between the Cognitive and the Affective; J. Duffin, A. Simpson.

Section II: Adults, Mathematics, Culture and Society; J. O’Donoghue.Mathematics: Certainty in an Uncertain World? R. Benn. Ethnomathematics and Political Struggles; G. Knijnik. Statistical Literacy: Conceptual and Instructional issues; I. Gal. The roles of feelings and logic and their interaction in the solution of everyday problems; D. Colwell.

Section III: Adults, Mathematics and Work; G. FitzSimons. Women, Mathematics and Work; M. Harris. Technology, Competences and Mathematics; T. Wedege.Mathematics and the Vocational Education and Training System; G.E. FitzSimons.

Section IV: Perspectives in Teaching Adults Mathematics; J. O’Donoghue. Algebra for Adult Students: the Student Voices; K. Safford. Exploration and Modelling in a University Mathematics Course: Perceptions of Adult Students; B.J. Miller-Reilly.Assessing Numeracy; J. O’Donoghue. Adult Mathematics and Everyday Life: Building Bridges and Facilitating Learning `Transfer’; J. Evans. Teaching `not less than maths, but more’: an overview of recent developments in adult numeracy teacher development in England – with a sidelong glance at Australia; D. Coben, N. Chanda.Postscript: Some Thoughts on Paulo Freire’s Legacy for Adults Learning Mathematics; D. Coben. Index.

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