Teaching Adult Numeracy Principles and Practice (Developing Adult Skills)

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Adult and Lifelong Education in Mathematics

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Adults returning to Study Mathematics

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Education for Mathematics in the Workplace

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Kluwer Academic Publications

Mathematics and Democracy: The Case for Quantitative Literacy

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Lynn Arthur Steen (Ed.)
National Council on Education and the Disciplines (NCED)
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Perspectives on Adults Learning Mathematics: Research and Practice

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Diana Coben, John O’Donoghue, Gail E. FitzSimons (Eds.)

Adult Numeracy Development: Theory, Research, Practice:

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Iddo Gal (Ed.)
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Hampton Press, USA

Adults’ Mathematical Thinking and Emotions: a Study of Numerate Practices

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Jeff Evans
Falmer Press
hb isbn 0750 709138 – price £55
pb isbn 0750 70912X – price £18.99
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What Counts as Mathematics? Technologies of Power in Adult and Vocational Education

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Gail E. FitzSimons