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Below you will find a table of links to online adult mathematics education resources which may assist you in planning learning sessions for adults learning mathematics.

All of the following webpages are available in the public domain, found using commonly-used search engines.

These resource links are provided as a means of accessing existing adult mathematics education resources on the internet. ALM claims neither ownership nor responsibility for the publication and availability of resources included on this page. While every attempt has been made to ensure that links contained herein are relevant to mathematics education, no responsibility is taken for any irrelevant or inappropriate content contained on the individual webpages. Should you discover, however, that links lead to inappropriate or objectionable material, please report this to so that the link may be removed from this page. (Read more)

Resource/Website Description
ALM Proceedings Index
ALM proceedings index compiled by Prof Kathy Safford Ramus, Saint Peter’s University, Jersey City, New Jersey.
Postgraduate US Dissertations on ALM 1999-2016 Postgraduate US Dissertations on ALM 1999-2016 compiled by Prof Kathy Safford Ramus, Saint Peter’s University, Jersey City, New Jersey. Free online maths magazine aimed at students aged 16+


BBC website offering mathematics resources for all ages. This links goes to a page about math for adults. Resources and skills practice for all levels. Extensive section called Everyday Math covering many basic number skills. Includes an Open Resources section allowing free access to resources for teaching. Extensive list of student resources available online. Includes articles and general interest topics as well as mathematics.Also has a tab labelled “50 Fantastic Resources for New Teachers”.


Drexel University website with links to a number of online resources. Includes a number of links to research and teacher-development websites. Functional Mathematics and Skills For Life resources. Offers links to other websites offering similar material