In Sweden, the municipal adult education was established in 1968. Over the years, it has increased the general level of education of the population. All that has turned 20 has the right to participate to adult education.

Adult education in mathematics in Sweden is conducted both by municipal schools and private schools. The Swedish Riksdag and the Government set out the goals and guidelines through i.e. syllabuses and subject plans. Since adult education in Sweden is affected by municipal and state budgets, students’ access to studies may vary between different municipalities. A common concern is that adult learner’s centers don´t get enough financial means.  The consequence is that students are given not enough time for their courses and those students who are eligible for aid may not be supported. Adult education in Sweden offers all courses in mathematics from the first course at basic level to the last course in high school. Many students, especially at the courses that are equivalent to the courses at the basic level have another mother tongue than Swedish. A challenge is that many courses are offered only at distance or semi-distance which is difficult for many students. A high percentage of the students therefore leave the studies without an approved grade.

There is some research about adult education in mathematics in Sweden. If you enter the page http://www.visnet.se/natverk/matematiklarande/resurser/ you get links to organizations and institutions engaged in research on adult learning in mathematics.

Lead agencies

Adult Education in cooperation (ViS) – http://www.visnet.se/


The organization of adult education in cooperation, ViS, organizes several conferences every year in which adult educators can meet researchers and other adult educators in mathematics.