Due to the political nature of a federalist nation, Switzerland’s educational system is rather fragmented with a number of agencies and organisations “meddling in all things adult education”. This is enhanced by the fact that three lingual areas of Switzerland (German, French and Italian speaking) are involved in adult education. Another important factor to consider when looking at Switzerland is the fact that a majority of young people continue with an apprenticeship after they have completed their compulsory schooling. On-the job training is therefore a key issue, also reflected in adult education. This results not only in several federal ministries being involved in specific issues of adult education, but also numerous professional associations.

From an academic perspective adult education or more specifically adult mathematics education is not featured prominently on the research agenda. With the restructuring of the teacher education system at the turn of the millennium several new universities of teacher education emerged, where the issue might become more prominent in future.

Lead agencies

Swiss Federation for Adult Learning – http://www.alice.ch/en/sveb/

Netzwerk Alltagsmathematik (German only) http://www.netzwerk-alltagsmathematik.ch/


Literalität in Alltag und Beruf (German only) http://www.literalitaet.ch/

Furthering basic skills for adults http://www.alice.ch/en/sveb/projects/abgeschlossene-projekte/foerderung-von-wenig-qualifizierten/go/